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10 Reasons to move Nairobi as an Expat or Digital Nomad

Wondering if you should move to Nairobi, definitely yes! This post goes through exactly why Nairobi should be your top choice especially if you are considering moving to Africa. In case you are wondering how those who moved here are adjusting, then I would recommend the YouTube channel, DaveMani they really love it here and so would you!

1. Kenyans are Friendly and hospitable Folks

While in some parts of the world being a visitor may feel like being a nuisance from the stares, discrimination, and gazes you get, it is totally the opposite here in Kenya.

Kenyans have a knack for treating newcomers like long-lost cousins. They’ll probably invite you to their family reunions after knowing you for just a day. As an expat or digital nomad, you will quickly make friends here before you know it. Struggling to make friends should be the least of your concerns at least for Nairobi. It goes deeper than just the causal “Hey, how’s it going?”

Kenyans tend to be more warm welcoming and kinder to visitors and treat them way better with all compromises than we actually treat ourselves. It is just tradition and culture. The best meals at home are only cooked when guests or visitors show up, in rural Kenya, there are even dedicated utensils for visitors, that is how serious guest hoisting is taken here.

2. Budget Living

I have $3

Money is not infinite for everyone, so you will definitely appreciate the low cost of living here, it is cheap if you are on a Western world salary. The exchange rate is currently favoring international currencies, so if you receive your income in one of those, your expenses will gradually decrease and everything will be even more affordable to you.

Even in upscale neighborhoods, you can find a 1-bedroom apartment starting at just $500 for rent. Food, especially organic produce, is budget-friendly. However, cheese is not that affordable here lol

Everything here is relatively cost-effective, except for electronics and speedy internet. If you’re looking to save some cash, Nairobi is a city that makes it easy, especially if you cook your meals and engage in reasonably priced activities.

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3. Nature Haven

Nature Guy

Nairobi is encircled by natural wonders, such as national parks, a city arboretum, parks, hiking trails, and animal orphanages. This means you’ve got ample opportunities for outdoor adventures and weekend getaways.

While most cities have zoos, Nairobi has a full-scale national park within its borders which is just surreal. Other popular attractions include animal orphanages inside the national park. There is also a dedicated orphanage for elephants and a giraffe conservation center for the endangered species.

You can also go for day trips outside the city but in nearby locations to take in even more nature! You can take weekend getaways to the coast to experience the signature coastal street food and the beaches. Or you can go upcountry to the Rift Valley to watch dramatic landforms and scenery while seeing wildlife, lakes, hot springs, craters, and forests as a bonus.

If you love wildlife, landscape, and greenery, Nairobi will probably exceed your expectations for nature offering

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4. Nightlife on Steroids

Old Man Dancing

Nairobi’s nightlife is intense, Kenyans love it and really know how to do it. The options are unlimited and there is just something right for everyone at each location. Different clubs have different moods and atmospheres, some appeal to the young, the old, and the expats.

The only disappointing thing about Nairobi clubs is the music choice. It is almost exclusively Afrobeats everywhere which I’m not a big fan of, and so might be other people. But this is the music that appeals to many Kenyans and Nairobians. And again it is the same songs played over and over till they’re out to exhaustion.

However, Mercury at ABC Place is a go-to spot for those who appreciate American music, like rap and pop. The Alchemist is another popular choice that attracts probably the biggest population of expats, tourists, and international population. Here is where you will probably meet someone from your country.

Additionally, keep an eye out for honorable mentions like Forty Forty, Bar Next Door, 1824, and Milan to further explore Nairobi’s vibrant nightlife.

5. Organic Foods

Avocado Ring

The food scene in Nairobi is just a win-win, you get healthy and organic produce for way cheap. In the Western world, organic produce is expensive so it is really hard to eat healthy while staying on a budget, here is the reverse; organic foods are way more affordable and readily available than frozen and processed foods. Giant avocados just cost cents and so does everything! Food will be the least expensive expense here.

Being a city, there is a series of restaurants catering and specializing in specific cuisines. (If you don’t appreciate the local food). You will find all major cuisines in the city from Italian to Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Persian, Mexican, and Asian. While the food offering is not as authentic as it should be, everything is slightly good.

If you wanna cook your home cuisines then ingredients are readily available at specialty shops, big supermarkets, and such.

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6. Good Consistent Weather

Nairobi being near the equator, experiences constant weather throughout the year; There’s no autumn, spring, winter, or summer here..It is just constant sunshine throughout the year with the exception of a long rainy season in April and a short rainy season in October.

It is a little hot but not too toasty, temperatures average 18 to 23 degrees Celsius on average. So yeah this is really good as extreme weathers can’t stop you from doing the outdoor activities you want, and no need for umbrellas, just soaking up the rays all through.

7. Easy on Cars

Yes, you can navigate Nairobi easily without relying on a private car. Public transportation even though not well developed and organized it still gets the job done. And by public transportation; it is not trains or trams…it is minibuses and vans that make it all happen.

They are flexible and have a route dropping off and picking off passengers at any point along the route, they are somewhat convenient although not the most comfortable. This is okay since most commutes are in less than 30 minutes anyway.

You can also use ride-sharing services like Uber and Bolt, there are 5 other different services but these two are the mainstream ones. These options are more comfortable and flexible plus they drop you at your exact desired destinations.

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Being car-free while it may compromise your comfort and flexibility, it makes you save money if you are all about that.

8. Emerging Tech Hub


Nairobi has its own special tech nickname: “Silicon Savannah.” Just like Silicon Valley in California, it’s a hub for tech and innovation in Africa. This “Silicon Savannah” is where you’ll find lots of tech startups, creative spaces, and smart people working on cool projects. It’s like the tech heart of Kenya and even the whole African continent, making Nairobi a pretty big deal in the world of technology.

Some of the big tech firms already in Kenya include; Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and AWS set to launch soon.

9. Diverse Cultures

Nairobi’s culture is a lively and diverse blend of various ethnic groups, languages, and customs. The city has grown into a cosmopolitan hub, attracting people from around the world to live and work here. This means you’ll have the opportunity to connect with individuals from different backgrounds, including potential friends from your own country.

Nairobi serves as a melting pot for Kenya’s diverse ethnicities, and it has become a cosmopolitan city with a significant expatriate presence. The local population is diverse by itself with over 42 different tribes, with different languages and cultures. There is a significant population of Indians who are Kenyan citizens too.

10. Decent Infrastructure

While infrastructure here may not be world-class, or to the standards of the Western world, Kenya is still a developing country with new projects constantly underway. It boasts better infrastructure than most African countries. There is a heavy presence of Chinese architecture and it makes sense since China is the biggest Infrastructure partner in Kenya.

Some of the notable megaprojects include;

The Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) connects Nairobi the capital with Mombasa, the second-largest city that is on the coast. SGR also links other towns upcountry

The Nairobi Expressway, a toll road that links the JKIA(NBO) International Airport to the neighborhood of Westlands, which is kind of the major commercial center of the city

Thika Super Highway; an 8-lane highway connecting Nairobi and the Industrial town of Thika

Other projects include the GTC Complex a project featuring the HOPSCA concept in Westlands and a bunch of malls

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The Nairobi Expressway

Standard Guage Railway

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