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15 Things to Do in Nairobi at Night : A Local’s Guide

When night falls, Nairobi switches into a different gear, and the nightlife here? It’s like Nairobi’s nightlife is dialed up to eleven! Not only is it the city under the sun but also the city never sleeps. This guide has all the cool ways to soak in the city after dark and have a blast. Find out where to chill with friends or go solo, all while staying safe and sound.

Regardless of what you consider fun, there are plenty of things to do in Nairobi at night. This post has all the possible activities for a classic Nairobi night.

Always ensure you have safe transportation arranged, especially at night, and check on the current safety recommendations for specific areas in Nairobi. Enjoy exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife!

1. Clubbing

Nairobi Night Club

Clubbing is the most Nairobian nightlife thing. Telling a Nairobian lets go out at night, with or without context, it means clubbing or drinking cocktails at a bar.

The neighborhoods of Westlands and Kilimani are the hotspots for clubbing and nightlife in Nairobi. Places like Mercury ABC Place, The Orchid, and Alchemist are known for their energetic atmospheres and great music.

2. Rooftop Bars

Rooftop Bar Sky Lounge Ole Sereni

There are some cool rooftop joints in Nairobi offering killer city views. Places like Sarabi in Westlands and Skybar at the Ibis-style hotel serve up a laid-back vibe where you can kick back, take in the city lights, and sip on drinks without the loud beats.

Unlike the high-energy club scene, these spots are more about relaxation and enjoying the skyline while unwinding with a cocktail. Sky Lounge at Emara Ole Sereni is my top pick, even though it’s a bit of a trek from downtown.

3. View the City from KICC

KICC Night Rooftop View

Unless you’re afraid of heights, checking out Nairobi from over 100 meters up is a thrilling experience, especially at night when the city lights sparkle below.

You can visit KICC and get up to the rooftop until 8 pm, making it a great early evening activity. You could even go earlier to catch the sunset—it’s pretty magical up there, to say the least

4. Attend a Concert (Seasonal)

Blankets & Wine is this awesome music festival that pops up in Nairobi from time to time. And if you’re into Nyashinski, his concerts are pretty fantastic too. Honestly, if there’s any artist or music style you’re into, and they’re throwing a concert, why not consider checking it out? It could be a vibe!

5. Music

Nairobi’s music scene is buzzing, and spots like The Alchemist and K1 Klub House are your go-to for live gigs across different genres. Picture this: at Bwibo, chow down on burgers and loaded fries while soaking up jazz every Sunday.

For your Friday fix of smooth jazz, hit up Geco Cafe in Lavington. Alchemist brings the fire with their live show. Muze Club is the place to be for those house music vibes, and if you’re itching to dance, Nairobi Street Kitchen and Brew Bistro on Thursdays have you covered. Street Kitchen has a Latin dance

Don’t sleep on K1’s reggae night every Thursday, and swing by Brew Bistro on Wednesdays for a live band. The midweek slump just got a whole lot better.

6. City Walk

Exploring Nairobi on foot can be a fantastic way to experience its vibe, especially in areas like the Westlands city center or the night markets. Take a leisurely city walk and soak in the urban vibes. Whether it’s the glow of city lights, the hustle and bustle, or discovering hidden gems, a nighttime walk in Nairobi has its magic.

It’s a casual adventure, just you and the city, unfolding under the night sky. So lace up those shoes, hit the streets, and let Nairobi show you its after-hours charm.

7. Go on a restaurant Date

If you’re up for it, go on a restaurant date and dive into some awesome ‘Nyama Choma’ at Carnivore Restaurant. It’s not your average dining scene – it’s lively and unique. And hey, if you’re feeling a bit fancy, check out some of those cool restaurants in Westlands. Spice up your culinary game a bit, you know

8. Attend Cultural Performances

Various venues, like the Kenya National Theatre or Alliance Française, host cultural performances, music, and dance shows that often take place in the evenings.

9. Travelling Telescope Planetarium

Traveling Telescope Planeterium

If you’re a science and space enthusiast, Nairobi’s got a Planetarium at 105 Riverside Drive that’s right up your alley. Dive into educational shows where you can feel like you’re zooming through space, touching down on the Moon, or cruising amidst the planets and stars.

They roll out the cosmic carpet on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5 pm to 8 pm. Admission won’t break the bank either—just KSh 1,000 for adults and KSh 500 for the little ones.

The Planetarium experience lasts about an hour, featuring live astronomy talks and some cool 30-minute documentaries like “Unveiling the Invisible Universe,” “Cosmic Mashups,” “Rising Star, A South Africa Astronomy Journey,” “From Earth to the Universe,” “Cosmix,” and “Two Small Pieces.” Get ready for a spacey adventure!

10. Movie Theatre

IMAX Theatre Garden City

If you’re a fan of big, blockbuster movies, hitting up a movie theater is a great way to chill for about three hours. Check out Century Cinemax and Anga Cinema—they’re solid options.

Century Cinemax has spots in different malls like Two Rivers, Garden City, and Sarit Centre. The Garden City Mall branch is the one to hit up for the ultimate movie experience—it’s not only IMAX-certified, giving you the best views, but also Dolby Atmos-certified for that total immersive vibe.

11. Do a Street Food Tour

Stumbling upon Nairobi’s street food scene is a real treat, with local goodies like samosas, smokie-pasua, mayai pasua, smocha, grilled meats, roasted maize, and fresh fruits up for grabs at different stalls.

As night falls, a whole new set of street eats takes center stage—think mahindi choma, viazi karai, and more. If you’ve ever fancied trying out a mix of street food, dusk and early night are your golden hours!

12. Ice Skating | Panari

The ice rink is well-lit, leaving no room for accidents. Panari stays open until 10 pm, so let your inner kid take charge. Rent a pair of skates and hit the ice—it’s not just a fun activity; it’s also a romantic thing to do if you have a partner. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or trying it out for the first time, it’s a cool spot to enjoy yourself.

13. Indoor Skating at Sk8City: Diamond Plaza

Indoor Skating at Sk8City

Skating indoors at Sk8City in Diamond Plaza, Nairobi is a rad way to spend your time. Whether you’re a pro on wheels or just giving it a shot, this place has your back. Cruise around their indoor rink, show off your moves and have a blast with friends or try something new. Seriously, check it out – Sk8City in Diamond Plaza is where it’s at.

And can we talk about the grub? It’s seriously delish! The place looks awesome, making it a perfect family outing. No doubt, it’s the ultimate spot in Nairobi for a skating session.

Quick heads up for the big-footed folks: they max out at a size ’10’, so plan your kicks accordingly. The place is clean and looks cool, but it was a bummer to turn around.

I had a blast on the skating rink – so much fun! The DJ and music were on point. Only downside? The food’s a tad pricey.

Skating, good tunes, and drinks – what more do you need? This place has the whole package.

Bonus: it’s open until 3 am, just like the clubs. So, if you’ve got no other plans, it’s the perfect way to ride out the whole night!

14. Bowling at the Mall

malls like The Junction or Garden City Mall might have bowling alleys for a fun evening activity. However, you will need some friends for this

15. Funscapes: Two Rivers Mall Theme Park

Ferris Wheel Two Rivers Theme Park

Head over to Two Rivers Theme Park – no entrance fee, but every activity rings in at KSh 500. You’ve got boat rides, racing, archery, and the superstar – the Ferris wheel.

This bad boy, nicknamed the Eye of Africa, is the biggest Ferris wheel on the continent. Take a laid-back 15-minute spin, hitting heights of 200 ft or more, soaking in Nairobi from a whole new perspective.

Nighttime is where it’s at – the place is lit up like a dream, especially with the dazzling lights. They keep the fun rolling until 8:30 pm every day. Don’t miss out on this casual thrill!


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