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5 Wonderful Coffee Shops in Nairobi (That are Better than Java or Artcaffe)

While Java House and Artcaffe are the most mainstream coffee chains across Nairobi, they are not the best in terms of coffee experience, don’t get me wrong they don’t have mediocre coffee, just average coffee at best, but what if you are seeking; specialty, gourmet, artisan coffee… or trying to get into the coffee scene and never really had a good cup before?

Yes, easy you can just look at Google Maps reviews, but keep in mind not all reviews are coffee-oriented, so I hereby present you the 5 hand-picked cafes that are worth seeking out; they are ranked according to personal coffee taste so take it how you will.

5. Cafe Deli

Cafe Deli
Cafe Deli
Cafe Deli Cappucino

If you find yourself in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) and have a craving for excellent coffee, Cafe Deli is an establishment that comes highly recommended.

This popular spot is conveniently situated just across from and opposite Kencom House, making it easy to find, even at night, thanks to its bright and inviting signage.

The cafe’s prominence in the CBD is well-deserved, and its appeal extends beyond this central location, with additional branches situated in other parts of Nairobi. You can also visit Cafe Deli on Ngong Road, and there is another branch located on Koinange Street within the CBD.

While the coffee at Cafe Deli is exceptional and worth trying, the food offerings may not impress you as much. As with many cafes, the strength of Cafe Deli lies in its beverages and pastries rather than its full meals.

The quality of the food can be considered average at best, which is a common characteristic among many cafes, not just Cafe Deli. Therefore, focusing on enjoying their superb coffee and delightful pastries during your visit is advisable.

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4. Kesh Kesh Coffee Roastery & Cafe

Kesh Kesh Roastery
Kesh Kesh Roastery

Kesh Kesh Cafe ranks as the fourth best spot for coffee in Nairobi, and it is an excellent choice for breakfast. The cafe boasts a stunning ambiance, making it stand out from most other cafes.

Not only is the food here exceptionally good,(unlike most cafes), but even the presentation of their simple coffee drinks is done with care and attention to detail. Conveniently located next to Yaya Centre in Timau Plaza, Kesh Kesh Cafe is easy to find and well worth a visit.

The cafe’s ambiance is a significant draw, featuring a rustic aesthetic complemented by lush greenery. This creates one of the most inviting environments for those looking to work while enjoying great coffee.

The seating options are plentiful, with both indoor and outdoor areas spread across two floors, giving patrons the flexibility to choose their preferred spot. The breakfast menu is available until noon, and for those seeking more substantial meals, the cafe also offers a selection of Eritrean dishes.

Beyond its role as a cafe, Kesh Kesh also operates a roastery, allowing customers to purchase coffee beans and ground coffee for home brewing.

They offer two distinct varieties: Fernelo Dark Roast and Jebena Medium Roast. However, those who prefer a light roast with fruity notes might be disappointed, as these are not available. Despite this, the overall experience at Kesh Kesh Cafe is impressive, making it much more than just a place to grab a quick coffee.

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3. Connect Coffee Roasters

Connect Coffee Roasters

Connect Coffee, situated in the Westlands neighborhood at 14 Riverside Drive, The RiverFront Building on the ground floor is a remarkable spot for coffee enthusiasts. They have also expanded with new branches in Hurlingham and Gigiri, broadening their reach to more coffee lovers in Nairobi.

The ambiance at Connect Coffee is ideal for those looking to work on their laptops, offering a comfortable and productive environment. The cafe is known for serving some of the best filter coffee in Nairobi, accompanied by the soothing sounds of a soft piano playing in the background.

Their cappuccinos are outstanding, and overall, the coffee is consistently excellent. While the sandwiches and other dishes may not impress as much, the pastries, including their croissants, are delicious and worth trying.

As a farm-to-cup cafe, Connect Coffee maintains control over the entire coffee production process, ensuring a consistently high-quality coffee experience with every visit.

The service is exceptional, surpassing typical cafe standards. The interior is well-lit, modern, and relaxing, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, for those who enjoy their coffee, Connect Coffee sells beans that can be ground on-site for home brewing.

One of the cafe’s charming touches is that they serve coffee in pink cups to female customers, adding a thoughtful and playful element to the experience.

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2. Barista & Co.

Barista & Co. Sarit Centre
Barista & Co. | Sarit Centre

Barista and Co. is a multifaceted establishment that identifies as a coffee shop, coffee roaster, vegetarian restaurant, and cafe. All three of their outlets are conveniently located in the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi, specifically at Westgate Mall, Sarit Centre, and Keystone Park on Riverside Drive.

These locations within malls make Barista and Co. easily accessible, even by public transportation. The Sarit Centre outlet, though small, is well-organized and efficiently uses its space. While it lacks natural light, it is well-lit, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The pastries are delicious, and the presentation is commendable.

However, due to its popularity, the Sarit Centre location can get busy and somewhat cramped, making it less ideal for working on a laptop. For a more comfortable working environment, the Westgate branch is a better option.

Despite these spatial challenges, Barista and Co. in Sarit consistently delivers a top-notch coffee experience. The quality of their coffee is excellent, living up to the expectations of any coffee enthusiast.

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1. Spring Valley Coffee

Spring Valley Artisan Coffee
Spring Valley Coffee

Spring Valley Cafes have established themselves as premier coffee destinations in Nairobi, with locations at Village Market, Karen, Wilson Airport, and Westgate.

Spring Valley is the best coffee shop in Nairobi, and customer reviews to support this claim, with ratings averaging over 4.6 stars and reaching up to 4.8 at some locations.

The quality of the coffee at Spring Valley is exceptional, although some brews can be on the expensive side. For those seeking decent coffee at a reasonable price, the previously mentioned options might be more suitable. However, for the ultimate coffee experience, Spring Valley is unparalleled, often referred to as Nairobi’s coffee heaven.

The staff at Spring Valley are charismatic and friendly, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere of the cafe. The excellence of this place extends beyond just coffee; it excels in all aspects of a cafe experience. From the ambiance to the service, everything is designed to provide an outstanding experience, making it the top recommendation for any coffee aficionado.

Spring Valley also offers specialty roasted beans, including single-origin varieties for home use. They provide options like oat milk, and their baristas are highly skilled, ensuring each cup is crafted to perfection. Additionally, the cafes are pet-friendly, which adds to their charm and appeal. Overall, Spring Valley Cafes are a must-visit for anyone serious about their coffee and looking for an exceptional cafe experience in Nairobi.

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