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Customer Review: Should you buy a Bed from Moko Furniture?

Chapter 1: The Floor-Sleeping Chronicles

Yes, I’ve been sleeping on the floor like a snake for the longest time. Not because I couldn’t afford a bed frame, but because of a series of bad choices and a distinct lack of prioritization. I won’t lie; I didn’t mind sleeping on the floor. Something is grounding about it. However, ladies mind. And that, dear reader, is where my tale of transformation begins.

Chapter 2: The Quest for the Perfect Bed

Deciding to invest in a bed finally was no small feat. I ventured into the market, filled with excitement and a dash of apprehension.

The elegant designs at places like Ashley, Furniture Palace, and Furniture Elegance were stunning but came with price tags that could cost an arm and a leg, hence the average Kenyan was out-priced 🙁

Meanwhile, the local fundis along places like Thika Road offered more affordable options. Unfortunately, their designs were often obnoxious and excessive for my taste. As someone who cherishes minimalist vibes, I found myself in a dilemma.

Then saw Moko. The simplicity and elegance of their designs immediately caught my eye. Priced similarly to the local fundis but with a design mindset that aligned with mine, Moko seemed like the perfect choice for me. And so, my journey from floor-sleeping to bedframe ascension began.

I opted for a 4×6 bed, which cost me around KSh 11,900. This includes the headboard at KSh 1,500, but if you’re on a tighter budget, you can skip the headboard to save some cash. Delivery within Nairobi from Moko Furniture is just a flat rate of KSh 450, which is pretty reasonable and much appreciated.

For a single bachelor like myself, a 4×6 bed is more than enough. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a 5×6, it’s only a small price increase, and the total won’t exceed KSh 15,000.

For me, the 4×6 is perfect because it leaves enough room to move around in the average-sized Nairobi bedroom. Plus, choosing a smaller bed can save you money on mattresses, especially the high-end orthopedic ones with memory foam that I’ve got my eye on.

Chapter 3: First Impressions of the Moko Bed

The bed arrived, and I must say, the first impressions were promising. The bed is sturdy and doesn’t wiggle much, although it’s not the sturdiest bed in the world. It can have the occasional creak if you push it, but the build quality is superior to what you’d get from most local fundis at the same price point.

The legs are thicker and sturdier, and there’s even a middle brace for extra support. It’s these thoughtful details that make the Moko bed stand out.

Chapter 4: Low-Profile Luxury

Moko Bed Frame
Moko Bed Height Compared to a Box that is as tall as the knee of a 6ft individual

One feature that stood out to me was the bed’s low profile. This isn’t a bug; it’s a feature. Lying lower than most conventional beds, it has a lower center of gravity, which I believe adds to its sturdiness. For someone who appreciates a minimalist aesthetic, this low-profile design is perfect.

Chapter 5: The Headboard – A Must-Have Addition

The headboard, an additional purchase, is an absolute steal at around 1,500 Ksh. I highly recommend adding it to your order. It is a bit harder than you might expect, much like other cushioned items from Moko.

It’s not uncomfortably hard, but noticeable. It only fits with enough pressure application, but for the price, it’s a fantastic deal.

Chapter 6: Finishing Touches

Moko White Bed

The finishes on the bed are quite satisfactory. While not top-of-the-line, they are excellent for the price. The wood is evenly sanded, and the paint is applied consistently, mine came with a minor blemish on the side but I guess that was during shipping and I don’t mind it that much.

The design is elegant both to look at and touch. The headboard’s sides are curved, and all edges are rounded, ensuring you won’t accidentally hit your head and bleed. These small touches add to the overall thoughtful design, making it a delightful addition to any bedroom.

Chapter 7: Moving Made Easy

Rollable Slats in Moko Bed
Rollable Slats

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Moko bed is the rollable slats. This innovation makes moving a breeze, especially if you switch apartments frequently. The bed is easy to disassemble and transport, adding to its appeal for those with a nomadic lifestyle.

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts

With all these considerations in mind, the Moko bed is an excellent purchase. It’s not perfect, but for the money, you won’t find anything better. The combination of sturdy build, thoughtful design, and affordable price makes it a standout choice.

So, if you’ve been sleeping on the floor like I did, or if you’re simply in the market for a new bed, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Moko bed, i was undecided about it, but you don’t have to since you have a user review here.

If you aren’t sure still then check any of their showroom in some malls like Greenspan or Mountain View before ordering. Delivery just took one day which is impressive and I forgot to mention that in the body of the post.

PS: I wouldn’t recommend Moko for their mattresses and couches as I found them to be a little hard for my liking, some people love hard cushioning as it lasts longer, if you are that then go for it.

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