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GTC Nairobi Complex Overview : Redefining Urban Living

GTC is an abbreviation for Global Trade Center. It is simply a cluster of towers in the same land area, with each tower catering to a different use. Yet, they all interconnect together to provide a comprehensive range of services to occupants. It is like a mini city within a city.

It is in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and specifically, it rises in the neighborhood of Westlands. This architectural masterpiece really stands out, not only by shaping Nairobi’s skyline. It also defines the future of urban living, with ambitions like offering everything you need within the complex without traveling out.

This project was launched on the 19th of September 2018 and has been a testament to modern architecture ever since.

Welcome to GTC
  • Owner: Avic Int. Real Estate Ltd
  • Project Cost: 62.5 Billion KES
  • Project Location: Chiromo, Westlands
  • Area: (14.7 Ha) 147,000 sq. meters
  • Completion: 2022

This post will discuss the mighty GTC’s unique attributes, concepts, and offerings.

The GTC Complex Overview

GTC Nairobi Complex
GTC Nairobi Complex

The complex stands out from the typical real estate projects as it employs the concept of HOPSCA.

HOPSCA is an architectural concept that develops self-sufficient projects by incorporating different amenities within the development space. HOPSCA stands for (Hotel, Office, Parking, Shopping Mall, Convention & Apartment).

This design approach minimizes transportation and pollution while offering accessibility and convenience to the occupants of the complex

The HOPSCA model is fulfilled in the complex by the following:

  • The JW Marriott tower offers high-end Hotel and convention aspects.
  • Shopping & Retail by The GTC Boutique Mall
  • Apartments & Communal spaces by The GTC Residences
  • Office spaces by The GTC Office Tower
  • Parking is offered throughout

All these amenities are integrated seamlessly to act as one entity. This project’s target audience is the international elites who frequent Nairobi visits, including business tycoons, political leaders, and celebrities.

Beyond luxury and modernity, GTC also observes environmental sustainability and responsibility. Breathable curtain walls offer ventilation for good air quality for the occupants and reduce the need for air conditioning and energy use.

Office Tower

GTC Office Tower
Office Tower

Facing Waiyaki Way, the office tower is the tallest structure in the complex and the tallest occupiable building in Kenya, with 42 floors. In terms of elevation, it is not the tallest; it loses to The Britam Tower in Upperhill at 200m, while GTC is at 184m.

The office spaces range from 3A to 3A+ with 360-degree lighting. The office height is 4m floor to ceiling with LOW-E coated glass used in the office tower. Unlike ordinary glass, the coating helps to regulate temperature and light in the tower, ensuring optimal amounts of each.

The tower has 12 ultra-high-speed lifts that take less than 30 seconds to travel the furthest distance.

It is projected to attract Fortune 500 companies and super brands seeking a prestigious location in the region, as the tower offers world-class office spaces. The leasing of the office spaces can be inquired through their hotline number: +(254) 791 888 777


GTC Apartments
Apartments (in the foreground)

Unlike everything on one tower, the apartments are spread over four towers. The apartments range from 1-bedroom, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units.

1 BedroomKES : (30.78 – 35.32) Million
USD : 210,000 – 241, 000
82 m²KES : 15,000
2 BedroomKES : (39.57 – 46.9) Million
USD : 270,000 – 320,000
105 – 112 m²KES: 18,000
3 BedroomKES : ( 50.12 – 75.18) Million
USD : 342,000 – 513, 000
137 m²
175 m²
KES: 22,000
KES: 25,000
GTC Apartment Prices & Sizes

The apartments rise up to 32 floors and some 28. The apartment complex totals 514 luxury units packed with amenities on each floor, including a mini-cinema room and a fully equipped gym with dedicated yoga rooms.

The apartment comes unfurnished, but can be furnished for you at an extra cost. However, fitments and appliances are already built in.

Residents also have access to two swimming pools, one for the kids and one for adults, a children’s playground, a rooftop garden, and a jogging track.

A303 Bedroom4
B302 Bedroom6
C321 & 2 Bedroom(s)6
D281 & 2 Bedroom(s)6

JW Marriott Hotel

JW Marriott Hotel

The only thing in the complex that is not GTC-branded is on the Eastern side of the complex. JW Marriott has over 8,000 properties in over 130 countries. It started as food and transitioned to hospitality.

The JW Marriott hotel within the community is a five-star luxury establishment, the first of its kind in East Africa. It features a 10-meter high, 800-square-meter pillarless ballroom, the largest in the region.

The hotel also boasts conference rooms, a pool, a terrace, dining options, an executive lounge, a spa, and a gym, providing guests an unparalleled experience.

The JW Marriott hotel will open by the end of 2023, offering 315 guest rooms, 50 serviced apartments, and state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, including the impressive pillarless ballroom that can accommodate up to 1,500 people.

Boutique Mall

Located at the center of the project’s western side facing Chiromo Ln is the Boutique Mall. Like the JW Marriott Hotel, the mall is not operational yet. The mall is designed to serve the center users and house brand shops, especially fashion and designer brands. The location is in a good spot, ensuring accessibility from any furthest corner of the complex.

Final Thoughts

GTC Towers along Nairobi Expressway

GTC is not just a group of towers but a community before that. The height aspect is not only for prestige but an economic decision, especially when the city’s plot ratio has limits for the project. It transforms and redefines Nairobi’s landscape as a sustainable model for mixed land-use development projects.

Mixed Use for rent in GTC Tower, Chiromo Road, Westlands

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