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Kentex Cargo Shipping Guide: Rates, Reviews & Experience

Kentex Cargo is primarily a shipping and logistics company. This post is a guide on how they operate, how you should use them, and if they should be trusted to handle your valuable packages.

Shipping and Logistics are all about moving products from one place to another, the shipping aspect is self-explanatory; the physical movement activity; Logistics on the other end is the process before and after shipping such as; regulations, taxes, and so on.

In case you are here to know if you should trust Kentex Cargo, you should. They are a reputable company and started back in 2004. Being in business for almost two decades means they are a genuine company that will deliver your products, at least you have the peace of mind you won’t get scammed.

Personally, I have used them since 2017 and over 10 times between the period, and everything has been satisfactory for the most part, Let’s get to the evaluation and discussion part of different aspects of Kentex Cargo.

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How to Purchase & Ship Items from the USA

You have the option to purchase items by yourself and send them to Kentex Cargo who will ship them to Kenya, or assisted shopping where you send them the product link and the payment amount so that they buy the products for you and ship them to you.

For shipping-only orders, you need to buy the items personally with your debit or credit card, before this you need to have an account with Kentex which will give you an address that you will copy and paste to the website you are buying from.

Once your order goes through, wherever you bought from will give you a tracking number which you should share with Kentex, and when the goods arrive at their warehouse, you will be notified.

For assisted shipping, everything is done for you but you are charged for it. If you are not sure of the process or it is overwhelming, then this is your best option.

However, if you are quirky and wanna do everything by yourself then go with shipping-only orders. This way you will get to use gift cards, coupons, or land discounts.

Not all items are allowed for shipping so be sure to check the air shipping prohibited items before proceeding to order

Shipping Modes

Shipping mode is the way in which your goods will be shipped to Kenya. Normally there are 3 modes of shipping; land, air, and sea.

But for this case, the relevant ones are two; sea and air. So it is up to you to choose how you want your goods delivered.

Air shipping is normally expensive but quick, (less than 21 days) so it makes sense for valuable products that are small and lightweight. For instance, consumer electronics like phones and laptops are better air shipped.

Sea shipping on the other hand only makes sense for bulky products. Sea shipping is slow and takes up to 3 months sometimes if not more. So if you buying furniture, big TVs, or products for your business, sea shipping is the logical choice

Now after establishing your preference, the next bit is the shipping costs.

Shipping Rates

As mentioned air shipping is more expensive than sea for the same volume and weight. It costs $15 to ship 1Kg of goods; even if your items are less than 1Kg, $15 is the minimum charge, so make sure you utilize your weight allocation by adding other products to be shipped together as a bundle.

You can have even 5 items bundled and if their weight is less than a Kg, you will pay $15. However, if you buy each separately it will cost you $15 for each(Total $75). So yes, consolidating your goods is a smart move here

Sea shipping is $300 for 1 cubic meter, if your volumes are way bigger they offer negotiated rates.

You can’t ship smaller items via sea because the minimum charge is $ 300 for 1 cubic meter of cargo, so if your cargo is less than that volume, you will still pay $300.

Kentex Cargo’s USA adress is as:

RECEIVER’S(YOUR) NAME + UNIQUE CODE(Provided by them at your account details)

Fee Transparency

All the shipping fee rates have clearance charges in them, so you won’t be required to pay customs or import duties once your goods arrive, Kentex Cargo takes care of that.

In case you are wondering what it will cost you to buy an item from the USA, you can send them a product link, there they will get the dimensions and weight and send you an estimated shipping fee quotation

Again, shipping is on the basis of volumetric weight and not the normal weight of grams and Kg. Volumetric weight is the amount of space your item occupies, a big hollow item will cost you more to ship than a small compact but heavy item. Both actual weight and volumetric weight are measured, and the higher is used to calculate your shipping fee.

Communication & Tracking

Communication is good. You communicated very well about the arrival of your goods to their USA warehouses, and when your goods left the USA. This is done via SMS, email, or both

When the goods arrive in Kenya, the same channels are used too, and when your goods are cleared and ready for collection, you get notified too

So in total communication is a 4-stage

  • Shipment Arrival at Kentex Cargo Warehouse
  • Shipment from their Warehouse to Kenya
  • Shipment Arrival in Kenya
  • Shipment ready for Personal Collection or Local Shipping to your location

I would say this is okay communication.

Timeliness and Reliability

Timeliness and reliability are okay as promised, delays may occur, but they are very infrequent. You will get your goods within the range of the ETA you are promised.

However, compared to other shipping companies, Kentex Cargo falls ahead in almost all aspects, it is the shipping service that i have always come back to after trying others.

Kentex Cargo Personal Experience

Having used it over and over, my experience is mostly good and I can rate it like a 9.0 out of 10.

General Customer Reviews

The current average customer review is 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from over 1,400 customers on Google Maps. This is an excellent rating meaning most customers are happy with Kentex Cargo.

The bad reviews are mostly on being charged more than quoted on the “volumetric weight” aspect, which shouldn’t be a problem if you are aware of that beforehand, as it is an industry-standard

Overall, Kentex Cargo is a reputable and trustworthy shipping company.

Alternative Shipping Companies

There are other options you might wanna explore if you can’t use Kentex Cargo for some reasons

  • Aquantuo: $ 14.50 per Kg, The best option for quick shipping (7 days)
  • Savo Store: $ 15 per Kg, (7 to 15 days) shipping duration
  • States Duka: $ 15 per Kg, (15 working days) shipping duration

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