Lounges in Nairobi Airport- JKIA(NBO) Lounges

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi is not only East Africa’s busiest airport but also a gateway that offers an array of amenities to enhance the travel experience. Among these are several lounges that cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a rundown of the top lounges at JKIA, helping you decide where to relax and refresh during your travels.

Kenya Airways (KQ) has 3 lounges in Nairobi, Pride, and Simba in terminal 1A. Msafiri in terminal 1B and a new in terminal 1C opened in Jan 2024


Kenya Airways Pride Lounge ($40)
Kenya Airways Simba Lounge ($40)
Terminal 1A24 HRS
5 AM-Midnight
Aspire LoungeTerminal 1B24 HRS
Kenya Airways Simba LoungeTerminal 1C
Kenya Airways Msafiri Lounge($20)Terminal 1D
Turkish Airline LoungeTerminal 1E24 HRS
Mara LoungeTerminal 224 HRS
Mt Kenya LoungeTerminal 2

Lounges in JKIA (NBO)

1. Kenya Airways Pride Lounge

KQ Pride Loungue
Kenya Airways, KQ Pride Lounge

Topping the list is the Kenya Airways Pride Lounge, which is located at gate 17. This lounge is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury tailored specifically for business-class travelers(Sky-Priority). It boasts a luxurious bathroom with a shower, perfect for long-haul travelers needing a refresh.

The lounge offers an array of Kenyan culinary delights and drinks and features dedicated quiet areas and sleeping rooms for those needing a quick nap.

The interior is thoughtfully designed with comfortable seating, spacious coffee tables, and stylish décor including nice ceiling lights, elegant wall art, and a distinctive honeycomb ceiling pattern that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The Pride Lounge is also known for its live cooking stations, a rarity in airport lounges, ensuring passengers can enjoy freshly prepared dishes like eggs and pasta.

2. Turkish Airlines Lounge

Turkish Star Alliance Lounge NBO
Turkish Star Alliance Lounge NBO

Ranking as the second-best lounge after the Kenya Airways Pride Lounge, the Turkish Airlines Lounge may not boast vast spaces but it makes up for it with its efficient use of area and the range of amenities it offers. It’s a perfect example of how to provide top-notch services in a limited space. Travelers can enjoy impressive amenities including comfortable seating, a selection of snacks and drinks, and various entertainment options.

While it may not have the expansive facilities of larger lounges, the Turkish Airlines Lounge offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing before a flight. The attention to detail and the quality of service make it a favored choice for many passengers transiting through JKIA.

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3. Kenya Airways Simba Lounge

Kenya Airways Simba Lounge
Kenya Airways Simba Lounge

The Simba Lounge just like the Pride Lounge is owned and run by Kenya Airways; it is however smaller and often compared to the Pride Lounge in terms of offerings.

Although it features a smaller viewing area of the airport ramp and taxiway, it still maintains a selection of food and beverages that mirrors that of the larger Pride Lounge.

This lounge is ideal for those who prefer a less crowded environment but still appreciate the amenities of a full-service lounge.

4. Aspire Lounge

Aspire Lounge NBO

Operated by Swissport, the Aspire Lounge scores well on tranquility and relaxation. Though it has moved from Terminal 1A to the newly reopened Terminal 1B, opposite gate 11, the new location offers slightly more space and now includes upgraded washroom facilities, complete with showers and essential toiletries.

The lounge offers decent drink selections and complimentary snacks despite its limited space, which can fill up quickly during peak times. It’s quieter and more relaxing compared to others, though the food freshness could be improved. Amenities such as TV, WiFi, comfy chairs, and a shower facility make it a reasonable choice for many travelers.


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