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Nairobi Neighborhoods : The Best For Apartment Living

For an extended visit to Nairobi Kenya, you need a perfect place to call home; whether you are staying here for a few weeks, months, or years. While Airbnb might seem the convenient option, staying for more than a month will not be the best option as you will be on the overspending aspect of housing.

For instance, a $30 Airbnb will cost you $900 per month, and in comparison to renting an apartment for the same or less budget, you will get more value for your money in quality and offerings, so renting is the best option.

The only downside about renting is the security deposit required. The good thing about Kenya is that there are no lease agreements and contracts to be signed upon renting, just the deposit

But here is the big question, where should you even rent? There are a number of Nairobi neighborhoods to choose from, but worry not, as I have curated a list of the best neighborhoods to settle in as a foreigner, that are the safest option in the city, packed with all the amenities and offerings you will need during your stay.

These options have been classified based on preferences and the character of the neighborhood you prefer, the chill quiet ones with greenery, the one with the part and nightlife, Be sure to find the neighborhood that checks everything on your list and your budget at the end of this article!

I wouldn’t recommend furnished apartments if you plan to stay more than 6 months, infact it will be cheaper to furnish yourself and sell off everything when you leave Nairobi! Plus furnishing by yourself gives you the flexibility to adjust everything to your theme and aesthetic.

Active and Engaging Nairobi Neighborhoods

Having a home in an active Nairobi neighborhood is a front-row seat to experience modern urban life, from clubbing and drinking with buddies to attending concerts. These neighborhoods are just the best for social life and extroverts, who seek a lifestyle that is not normal and boring

These are the best neighborhoods that never sleep for those who love the nightlife, Kilimani, and Westlands.


Kilimani is the main character here. New clubs are popping every corner and if you are the kind who hates noise and doesn’t go out, you will hate it here. It is packed with a youthful energy lifestyle, and everything comes to life the moment the sun goes down. For night outs, Kilimani got you covered.

There is more to Kilimani than just the nightlife, it is located in the epicenter of everything, It is where the Kenyan State House is situated, and has Yaya Centre that houses probably everything you will need from banks, supermarkets, food courts, cosmetics, and fashion shopping outlets and much more all in one place.

Kilimani is the home to The Nairobi Arboretum, a botanical garden offering greenery and a variety of tree species. You can go for picnics or just relax in a park-like setting away from the busy nightlife that you have been having

Kilimani is one of the best options in this list for apartment living, It is here where you will find the best deals; decent apartments, especially on a budget compared to other neighborhoods. Kilimani both offers furnished and unfurnished apartments.

  • The starting price of a single-bedroom apartment with En Suite is just KSh 80,000 ($ 554)
  • While unfurnished options with En Suite, start at KSh 50,000 ($ 345)

Most apartments ( even entry-level ones) have a swimming pool, gym, balcony, and a backup generator


Westlands is Kilimani but more elegant. It is calm over here, yes nightlife is there but not noisy. Plus Westlands has a perfect balance of a livable Nairobi neighbourhood and a city centre at the same time. Infrastructure is good, there are sidewalks present( which are rare in most neighborhoods), and Westlands is connected directly to the JKIA airport via the Nairobi Expressway.

I would say Westlands offers better convenience and accessibility than Kilimani. Infact Westlands is the best neighborhood in terms of amenities, everything you want you can’t miss here.

There are over 5 malls in Westlands; Sarit Centre, Westgate Mall, and Westlands Square, among others. It also houses several international schools, embassies, luxury hotels, and restaurants.

Yes, we have the CBD which is the city center for Nairobi( which is congested and chaotic), but Westlands is just the upscale version of it.

Westlands is also greenery rich which uplifts the ambiance and serenity as your neighborhood choice for a home. All these perks packed into this neighborhood mean a slap on your wallet in terms of rental and property prices, and that couldn’t be any more truer. Let’s explore average prices in the section below

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 150,000 ($ 1,038)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 100,000 ($ 692)

Greener Nairobi Neighborhoods for Calmness

These Nairobi neighborhoods are isolated, so it is calm and serene filled with nature and greenery away from the city’s noise and air pollution. These are the best options for light sleepers and nature lovers


Karen is named after Karen Blixen, the author of Out of Africa. Karen is a serene and tranquil neighborhood that is also spacious, it has abundant greenery. It is near the Nairobi National Park where you can see several wildlife, and also boasts the famous Karen Blixen Museum. Karen is just perfect for anyone who wants to connect with nature and isolate from city life.

Karen is the quietest Nairobi neighborhood as noise restrictions are imposed. Security is also beefed up as most prominent business people, politicians, ambassadors, and wealthy Kenyas have homes here.

Karen also offers everything within the neighborhood, so you don’t have to travel outside for basic amenities.

Most property types are homes but there are apartment options, The prices vary greatly depending on which side of Karen, as the neighborhood is very vast.

The Hub Karen is a modern shopping mall housing major retail outlets, fashion stores, electronic shops, supermarkets, food joints, and movie theatres. Several 5-star restaurants are offering almost every worldly cuisine available. Karen houses several international schools and educational institutions, Karen simply has it all! As for healthcare, Karen Hospital is a notable institution to offer any type of medical attention required.

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 90,000 ($ 663)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 50,000 ($ 346)


Runda has more homey vibes and not many options for apartments. Infact you are probably going to rent a house, not an apartment based on availability. Runda is very similar to Karen and is home to the powerful people in the society. Safety is assured as there is surveillance across the entire neighborhood.

Everything is spaced out with each house being gated, and even having a garden! Everything is just super spacious and classy, overcrowding is not a word here. This being a posh neighborhood, there are not many options in public transportation. You either need your car or just Uber around.

Some of the amenities Runda offers include: Runda Golf Club, Two Rivers Mall, Village Market, several International Schools, and much more.

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 180,000 ($ 1,245)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 120,000 ($ 830)

Most unfurnished options come with fitted inbuilt appliances like ovens, microwaves, cooktops, dishwashers and refrigerators


Muthaiga mainly houses mansions, 3 bedrooms, and beyond, finding apartments here can be quite tricky. And for apartments, it is easier to get 2 bedrooms than 1 bedroom for some reason. Maybe if you don’t mind a roommate Muthaiga can be the best option as rent here is more on the affordable side. Olus Muthaiga is next to the Thika Superhighway making accessibility to any part of Nairobi easier.

Muthaiga is however not the quietest neighborhood due to the traffic flow noises if you live near the highway side. Muthaiga is the best-value neighborhood for two-bedroom apartments

Some of the exclusive amenities include;

Muthaiga Golf Club: Muthaiga is home to the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club, which provides members with access to a golf course, tennis courts, and a clubhouse.

  • Furnished 2 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 200,000 ($ 1,384)
  • Unfurnished 2 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 150,000 ($ 1,038)


Gigiri is the capital of the United Nations (UN) in Kenya. Here is where the majority of the embassies are located, almost 75%. This means Gigiri is the safest neighborhood in Nairobi as in places with embassies security is tighter than normal. If your biggest concern is safety then Gigiri is my number 1 recommendation.

It is also the most diverse community with residents from different parts of the world, due to the presence of diplomats and expatriates. This diversity can lead to a rich cultural experience and the opportunity to make international friends.

If you work with the United Nations, then this is a no-brainer option as it will ease the commute times to work, and it can be a very convenient neighborhood for you

Gigiri being an upscale neighborhood means rent is higher than in average neighborhoods, obviously, however, this varies greatly based on which exact spot of Gigiri you live in.

This neighborhood is greenery-rich, richer than most other green neighborhoods. It is just near the great Karura Forest where you can go for hikes, picnics, and other outdoorsy activities

For amenities it is home to the biggest mall in East and Central Africa: The Two Rivers Mall, and also near the famous Village Market for all your shopping and recreational needs

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 200,000 ($ 1,384)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 120,000 ($ 830)

Walkable Nairobi Neighborhoods with Amenities


Just like mentioned before, Westlands is the best walkable neighborhood with the majority of amenities in the entire list


Parklands is just similar to Westlands and sometimes you can’t tell much of a difference as they are neighboring. Parklands are more residential than economic when compared to Westlands, infact majority of those who work wetlands live and commute from parklands

Not many highrise buildings in Parklands, however, and amenities are spread out.

There is a heavy presence( almost exclusivity) of the Indian community in Parklands ( most born and raised here). However, there have been several allegations that racism is prevalent where apartments won’t be let out to non-Indians, especially for black people.

If the allegations are true, then that is pretty messed up and it makes me sick to the stomach, Imagine being racially profiled in your own country.

If you are lucky enough to get an apartment, then Parklands will offer you the Westlands experience on a budget.

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 120,000 ($ 830)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 85,000 ($ 588)

It is easier to find a furnished apartment than an unfurnished one in Parklands


Kileleshwa just like all neighborhoods in this list offers luxurious and spacious living. The apartments are equipped with everything necessary. There is nothing special about Kileleshwa but an upscale neighborhood less densely populated. Kileleshwa has several kindergartens and even an international school-Kileleshwa Academy

It is approximately 5km in distance from the Nairobi CBD.

For shopping, we have the nearby Lavington Mall and Westfield Mall for all groceries and shopping needs

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 110,000 ($ 761)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 70,000 ($ 484)


Lavington and Kileleshwa are so alike just like Westlands and Parklands, they are next to each other and share amenities such as the Lavington Mall that serves both Kileleshwa and Lavington. Lavington however packs more international schools. The property prices are almost the same but slightly higher

  • Furnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 130,000 ($ 900)
  • Unfurnished 1 Bedroom with En Suite starts at KSh 70,000 ($ 484)

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