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Panda Mart Garden City: Items to Buy

Garden City, Nairobi, has recently witnessed an exciting addition to its retail landscape with the grand opening of a new South African retailer, Panda Mart. This sprawling store offers an extensive range of products, leaving shoppers spoilt for choice. From home decor and kitchen essentials to fitness equipment and toys, this retailer has it all. In this post, we will just overview why Panda Mart is so hyped up days after opening.

Panda Mart Garden City Crowding
Panda Mart Shoppers Waiting in line to check out

Panda Mart Overview

Panda Mart Garden City Interior
Panda Mart Aisles

Panda Mart occupies the retail space where The Game, another South African brand used to occupy. The retail space is 8,956 sq m which is gigantic, your feet will almost give up if you try to walk all the aisles on one visit, it is just expansive.

The business model is to have everything possible under one roof, it is the most diverse shopping experience imaginable, but there is an emphasis on home decor, utility, and aesthetic products, which take the majority of the shares. Then there are tools, electronics, appliances, and surprisingly a small portion of foodstuffs and sanitary.

But importantly, what drives the majority of the shoppers is affordability, it is said to be the most affordable option currently to shop those Kamukunji items, and in an organized manner. In Kamukunji, you have to hop from one shop to another, but here it is all in one open and collective space.

The place is currently packed, and I wouldn’t recommend visiting now as you will wait up to 4 hours to get your goods checked out. It is so bad that you have to wait to even enter like you queue outside for some people to leave. Just wait till the hype fizzes out like it did with China Square

The store is currently not occupied by all proposed products, but it has over 95% occupancy at the moment. The establishment has spent over $ 7 million, which equates to over KSh1.1 Billion in the current exchange rate, so you know this is a serious place! It is rumored that a second outlet will open in late 2024 in the Karen neigborhood.

Can’t cover everything stocked at Panda Mart, but here is an overview of the major items and good categories;

Home Essentials

Panda Mart Art, Wallpaper, Photoframes
Wallpapers and Photo frames
  1. Bed Bench and Ottoman: Transform your bedroom with stylish and functional bed benches and ottomans.
  2. Vases and Flowers: Add a touch of elegance to your living space with a variety of vases and vibrant flowers.
  3. Flower Stands: Showcase your blooms with beautiful flower stands, enhancing the aesthetics of any room.
  4. Scale and Storage Basket: Keep your space organized with handy storage solutions, including scales and baskets.
  5. Rugs and Floor Mats: Choose from a wide array of rugs and floor mats to elevate the comfort and style of your home.
  6. Wallpapers and Stickers: Personalize your space with trendy wallpapers and stickers, that reflect your unique taste.

Home Organization & Decor

Panda Mart, Organization Baskets, buckets and mops
Organisation baskets, and cleaning supplies aisle
  1. Gift Boxes and Bags: Discover elegant gift packaging options for special occasions.
  2. Cloth Hangers and Shoe Racks: Keep your wardrobe organized with a variety of hangers and shoe racks.
  3. Linen Storage and Drying Rack: Maximize your storage space with linen storage solutions and convenient drying racks.
  4. Ironing Board and Towels: Make household chores a breeze with quality ironing boards and soft, absorbent towels.
  5. Pillows and Blankets: Create a cozy haven with plush pillows and warm blankets.
  6. Bath Mats and Hardware Supplies: Upgrade your bathroom with comfortable bath mats and essential hardware supplies.
  7. Car Mats and Clocks: Spruce up your car interiors with customized car mats and adorn your home with stylish clocks.
  8. Mirrors, Chandeliers, and Photo Frames: Add a touch of glamour with mirrors, chandeliers, and frames that reflect your personality.
  9. Wall Art: Explore an extensive collection of wall art to bring life and character to your living spaces.

Kitchen & Dining

Non Stick pans, Panda Mart
Pots & Pans Aisle
  1. Plastic Ware and Storage Boxes: Find durable and practical plastic ware and storage boxes for your kitchen needs.
  2. Cooler Boxes and Suitcases: Prepare for picnics or travel adventures with high-quality cooler boxes and luggage.
  3. Backpacks: Explore a variety of stylish and functional backpacks for your everyday needs.
  4. Dishes and Trays: Elevate your dining experience with stylish dishes and trays.
  5. Colanders and Cake Moulds: Explore a range of kitchen essentials, including colanders and cake molds.
  6. Bob Stick Labs and Oven Mitts: Enhance your culinary skills with specialized kitchen tools and accessories.

Fitness & Wellness

  1. Toys and Games: Keep the little ones entertained with a diverse selection of toys and classic games like chess.
  2. Breast Pump and Weights Rollers: Catering to various lifestyle needs, the store offers both wellness and fitness essentials.
  3. Yoga Mats and Weight Scale: Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, find the right tools for your routine.


They currently stock only MIKA appliances, the extensive range of the brand from washing machines, driers, and kitchen appliances like refrigerators.


Panda Mart’s arrival at Garden City marks a significant milestone in the retail landscape of Nairobi. With its extensive product range, wholesale opportunities, and expansion plans, Panda Mart is poised to become a favorite shopping destination for residents and entrepreneurs alike. The prices of some items are extremely cheap while others are normally priced, it’s not everything cheap as you might imagine, so keep reasonable expectations.

With its diverse and comprehensive range of products, the new South African retailer in Garden City, Nairobi, promises an unparalleled

Panda Mart Garden City Photos


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