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Review: Aquantuo Kenya Shipping Experience

Aquantuo is a shipping and logistics company, that helps clients bring their goods to Kenya from; the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, and China. Their Kenyan Warehouse and offices are at Enterprise Road, 16 Gil Gil Rd, Nairobi; usually open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, on working days, Monday to Friday. Aquantuo doesn’t operate up to Saturday midday like others.

From the USA, Aquantuo does weekly shipping every Thursday, so they are the best choice if you want the quickest delivery to Kenya, it normally takes 7 days or at most 10, while DHL is much quicker( 1 business day), it is ridiculously expensive.

Aquantuo’s shipping rate is $14.50 per Kg or volumetric weight; either that is higher is what is used.

How to Ship with Aquantuo

Just like every shipping company, Aquantuo offers a shipping-only service and buy and ship option as well. Simply navigate to their website, log in, or sign up and create a new request.

Next, there is a drop-down of options to choose from;

  • Mail us a package: This is simply a shipping-only service, buy your goods and send them to a unique Aquantuo address that they will assign for you.
  • Buy for me: Buy for me involves you sending Aqunatuo the product link, they send you a quotation, and you make the payment to them in which they, in turn, use the money to buy for you and ship to their address. Then they will ship it to your location
  • Door to door: This one involves you making a request and they come to pick up the package and then send it to your desired location or country.

Mailing a Package to Aquantuo

Most people will use the first option since it is the cheapest, (you pay shipping only), kindly note that them buying for you involves some charges.

After creating your account and confirming it, go to the menu on the right, and select “My profile” Then on the right click ” My Aquantuo Adresses”, now that is where you find your adresses.

Select the address relevant to where you are shipping from. For instance, if you are shipping from the US, select My US address, if from the UK or China select the relevant one. Kindly note some countries have some addresses specific for sea shipping only, and air shipping only, so be careful to select the correct country and shipping mode. Once you are sure that is your correct address just copy it.

Next, go to wherever you are buying, say you are buying from Amazon, add items to your cart, and paste in the address provided by Aquantuo, add payment details and after successful payment, your goods will be shipped out and Amazon will share a tracking number.

Now log back into Aquantuo, create a request, select Mail Us a Package, and fill in the form provided.

Here in this form, you can opt to insure your products in case something goes wrong. This is highly recommended especially for expensive merchandise. Fill in it all and eventually the tracking number then submit that request.

When your package arrives, you will be notified via mail or SMS, and it will also show the image on your Aquantuo dashboard upon login.

You now wait for your package to arrive, get cleared at customs, and be sent to your door if you opt to, or go pick it up from the Nairobi warehouse. You won’t pay import duties and taxes in Kenya when using Aquantuo.

Air Shipping or Sea Shipping?

Air shipping is ideal for small and valuable packages, or when you quickly want the goods delivered, it is also relatively expensive. Sea shipping on the other hand is the direct opposite of air shipping in every dimension. It is slow but cheap and ideal for bulky goods

How Long Does it Take for Aquantuo to Deliver?

It is guaranteed that between 5 to 10 business days, (air shipping)sometimes packages arrive faster than ETA and sometimes slower than the promised duration. So whatever you are shopping for, shop earlier than you need the item. Say it is for a birthday or a holiday, order earlier because delays do occur.

Shipping via sea takes longer, and by longer I mean months; 8 to 12 weeks which is up to 3 months, and longer if delays occur.

Why Aquantuo is Better than Other Shipping Services

  • Their price estimator is accurate, what is estimated is almost what you will pay, unlike Kentex cargo which can vary marginally.
  • You can ship from a variety of countries and not just the United States. Unlike States Duka, Savo Store, and Kentex Cargo which ship only from the US, Aquantuo ships from multiple countries including; the USA, the UK, and China for sea. For air shipping they do; USA, UK, China, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, and UAE
  • You can ship low-volume goods via sea from as low as 4.53 ft, Kentex Cargo meanwhile has a minimum of 30cft with a minimum charge of $ 300
  • Their US location is in Delaware state, with no sales tax meaning you won’t pay taxes if you are shipping to their address. Aquantuo heavily advertises that they’re in a zone free of sales tax
  • They re-package your packages
  • Deliver faster than others
  • Transparent in weight measurement as they share a photo of your package on a scale

Cons of Shipping with Aquantuo

  • Their website is not friendly to use for first-timers, and navigation aint easy or straightforward
  • They charge an agency fee on top of the advertised shipping in addition to the shipping fee which is personally a turn-off
  • Storage charges if you don’t pick up your package after 4 days
  • Communication is very bad, sometimes your package is on its way to your house without being communicated prior
  • Customer support is terrible compared to Savo Store and Kentex Cargo

Personal Shipping Experience with Aquantuo

Just used Aquantuo once and I won’t be using it again due to not very pleasant customer support experience. It takes one week for the package to arrive in Kenya and less than another for customs clearance. They charge fixed prices for air shipping and for bulk sea shipping it is negotiable.

Insurance and last-mile delivery are optional services you can opt for.

Everything was good till the delivery time when I got frustrated. They called to confirm the package was in Kenya and asked for the preferred delivery time which I told them, was Friday (the following day). Friday passes while I’m waiting for the package, I call them at 4 pm to enquire about the delivery, if underway.

The support guy is initially helpful and takes the details, saying, unfortunately, they forgot to send out my package, ask him to send a boda guy to deliver to me since I have been waiting and I had paid for the last mile delivery a whole KSh 500.

The guy insists that I send my rider to pick it up, and it is just 40 minutes to their closure time. That was a bad experience that I opted to compromise till Monday since they don’t open on Saturday.

I expect if you make a mistake sorry about it and actually take responsibility, but these guys act like it’s your problem sadly. If you forgot to deliver, please deliver not ask me to get my means.

I will still recommend Aquantuo as they are genuine and reputable, but be ready for the TERRIBLE customer service. This is not just an isolated incident but something alot of people complain about in the reviews and on Reddit linked below;

Is Aquantuo even real?

Has anyone shipped with Aquantuo? I’m pissed !

Which Shipping Company Should You Use?

DHL: If money is not an issue and you want a delivery within 1 business day, then nothing beats DHL Premium Shipping

Kentex Cargo: Generally good in all aspects

Savo Store: Very timely, almost no delays


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