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The 3 Best Professional Spas in Nairobi (With Prices)

In Nairobi, the streets are plastered with ads for massage parlors, often featuring scantily clad women, suggesting they might offer more than just a professional massage. But what if you’re seeking a legitimate, no-nonsense massage experience? Here are some top recommendations you should consider.

Typically, the best professional spas are found in 4-star and 5-star hotels. The suggestions I’ve gathered come highly recommended from user-generated content on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

I wouldn’t advise going for the spas and parlors advertised on the roadside, especially in neighborhoods like Kilimani and Kileleshwa. Instead, I suggest focusing on the legitimate spas.

In Nairobi, a deep muscle massage usually starts from around KSh 3,500 and averages at KSh 4,000. While it might be a bit painful during the session, the results are worth it.

Your muscles will feel relieved, blood flow will improve, and you can even opt for additional treatments like a full body scrub, including feet and face. Professional spas are well-versed in anatomy and execute these treatments expertly. So, pampering on a spa day is totally worth it, even for men.

If you’re unsure about which type of massage to choose, a good starting point is a Swedish massage combined with deep tissue for problem areas. Hot stone massages, both traditional and deep tissue, as well as Thai massages, are also highly recommended options.

1.Serenity Spa Gigiri

Serenity Spa Gigiri
Serenity Spa Gigiri

It’s likely on the pricier side, but if you’re watching your budget, I’d suggest considering this option. It’s situated in upscale neighborhoods like Kitisuru, Gigiri, Karen, and Tigoni, which explains the premium pricing.

They offer a variety of services including face and body treatments, grooming, nail care, hair styling, and even coffee.

Their services range from:

  • Footloose: Kshs 1500 for 20 mins
  • Head Neck Shoulder: Kshs 3500 for 45 mins or Kshs 1800 for 25 mins
  • Back Massage: Kshs 3,500 for 30 mins
  • Sole Therapy: Kshs 2500 for 30 mins
  • Enzyme peels: Kshs 11,500 – 15,500 for 45-60 mins

They also offer discounted rates on various massages, such as:

  • Holistic Massage for 60 mins at Kshs 4500 instead of Kshs 5000
  • Deep Tissue Massage for 90 mins at Kshs 8000 instead of Kshs 8500
  • Deep Tissue Massage for 60 mins at Kshs 5500 instead of Kshs 6000
  • Feel The Heat for 120 mins at Kshs 10000 instead of Kshs 10500
  • Highlights, Cut, Wash, and Blowdry at Kshs 10000

With an impressive rating of over 4.6 stars from more than 700 customers, Serenity Spa in Gigiri is undoubtedly the best spa in Nairobi.

You can find more information on their website.

2. Kempinski The Spa

The Spa, Villa Rosa Kempinski
The Spa, Villa Rosa Kempinski

With an impressive rating of 4.7 stars on Google, based on feedback from over 400 customers, you can expect a fantastic experience at this establishment. It’s conveniently situated within Villa Rosa Kempinski, one of Nairobi’s most prestigious 5-star hotels, located along Chiromo Rd. Besides top-notch treatments, they offer spa memberships, and you can also enjoy access to their pool and fitness center.

If you found Serenity Spa’s prices steep, Kempinski The Spa takes luxury to another level. Even the most affordable treatment, a 25-minute Bespoke Massage, starts at KSh 4,500. However, considering the opulent experience offered here, it’s worth the investment.

Their Deep Massage is priced at KSh 7,500 for 50 minutes and KSh 9,500 for 80 minutes, while the Hot Stone Massage costs KSh 9,500 for 80 minutes. Alongside these classics, they offer a total of 15 treatments, including facials and scrubs.

Check Out Kempinski The Spa Menu

For more information, you can visit their website. They’re open every day from 09:00 to 21:00, and you can reach them at +254 703 049 000 or via email at

3. Jacaranda Westlands

Jacaranda Spa Westlands
Jacaranda Spa Westlands

For those undertaking their first spa adventure or seeking great value, I’d suggest considering Jacaranda. Here, you can opt for a package that includes access to various spa amenities like the steam room, sauna, pool, and even a meal, all at a reasonable rate compared to the aforementioned options. One drawback of Jacaranda is its limited variety of massage types.

Their most popular package, The Quick Fix, is priced at KSh 5,470 per person and includes a 30-minute back massage, along with access to steam, a sauna, a pool, and a meal worth KSh 1,750.

Another option is the Westlands Hide-Out, priced at KSh 7,190 per person, which offers a 60-minute Swedish massage, steam, sauna, pool access, and a meal worth KSh 1,750.

Other packages include:

  • The Spring In My Step: KSh 8,920 per person, featuring a 30-minute back massage, a 30-minute facial, steam, sauna, pool, and a meal.
  • Truly Madly Deeply: Also priced at KSh 8,920 per person, offering a 60-minute massage, steam, sauna, pool, and a meal.
  • The Pamper Package: At KSh 10,640 per person, including a 60-minute Swedish massage, a 30-minute facial, steam, sauna, pool, and a meal.
  • Jipende: Priced at KSh 11,220, this package offers a 45-minute body scrub, a 60-minute massage, steam, sauna, pool, and a meal.
  • Scent-sational!: Also priced at KSh 11,220, providing a 90-minute massage, steam, sauna, pool, and a meal.

Additionally, there’s the Jacaranda Luxury Spa Day package, which includes a 90-minute Swedish massage, a 60-minute facial, steam, sauna, pool access, and a meal.


Serenity Spa at Gigiri emerges as the ultimate destination for a comprehensive spa experience, boasting the widest variety of treatments and the highest quality service

Kempinski The Spa, offers the epitome of luxury and sophistication, making it the prime choice for those seeking an extravagant, luxurious spa experience.

Jacaranda Spa shines as the go-to option for value-conscious spa-goers, providing affordable packages without compromising on relaxation or amenities while getting more for your money than you would elsewhere.


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