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The 5 Restaurants in TRM-Thika Road Mall

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TRM is a decent mall for locals, but it’s not as impressive or iconic as other malls worth visiting. People usually go to TRM because it’s the closest option. It has most of the essentials like a supermarket, gym, electronics, banks, cosmetics, fashion, and furniture stores. However, it’s pretty lacking when it comes to food and drink options.

Right now, there aren’t any proper restaurants, just cafes, and a few fast-food joints. Even the iconic fast food chains aren’t there, and there aren’t many fast food options either, making it the worst mall in terms of dining choices.

TRM- Thika Road Mall Your Ultimate Guide

Java House

Java House TRM
Java House TRM

Java House is the first outlet you encounter after entering the mall complex, located on your right. It is by far the largest restaurant in the mall in terms of space covered and even offers an outside seating option.

Java House is known for its okay coffee, occupiable atmosphere, and wide range of menu options, including breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

It’s a reliable spot for casual dining, business meetings, or just a relaxed coffee break.

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Pizza Inn | Chicken Inn | Galitos | Creamy Inn

Pizza Inn | Simbisa Brands TRM
Pizza Inn | Simbisa Brands TRM

On the left of the entrance, you’ll find the Simbisa Brands restaurants. They all share the same space but have different counters:

  • Pizza Inn: Known for its affordable pizzas, with frequent promotions like Terrific Tuesdays where you get two pizzas for the price of one
  • Chicken Inn: Specializes in fried chicken, and chicken products offering combo meals that are popular for quick bites.
  • Galitos: Focuses on flame-grilled chicken with a peri-peri twist, offering a slightly healthier fast food option.
  • Creamy Inn: The go-to for soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes, perfect for dessert lovers.

These outlets also have a small outside seating space. They provide a diverse range of fast food choices, making them convenient for families and groups with different tastes.

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Burger King

Burger King TRM
Burger King TRM

Located on the first floor, Burger King is perhaps the most visible and iconic restaurant in the mall.

It is a small, neat, and organized restaurant, known for its modern and well-maintained space. Burger King stands out for its flame-grilled burgers, especially the iconic Whopper, and customizable fast food meals.

It’s a solid choice if you’re craving classic American-style fast food. If you want a quieter working space, Burger King is a better option than Java House, since it is usually not that busy(except on Sundays) although it can get warm due to heat from the kitchen, and sometimes the ventilation can be a miss.

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Artcaffe TRM
Artcaffe TRM

Artcaffe offers a slightly better ambiance compared to Java House, making it an attractive spot for those looking for a more refined dining experience.

It is known for its stylish and modern decor, providing a comfortable and upscale atmosphere. While Java House is more popular, Artcaffe stands out for its good coffee and excellent pastries.

However, the main food offerings at Artcaffe can be underwhelming, which is a downside. Despite this, it remains a preferred choice for those who prioritize ambiance quality coffee, and decent pastries

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Cold Stone is not exactly a traditional restaurant with physical walls but rather a stand located between the wall and the corridor, offering a variety of ice cream options.

There is no seating available, so it’s best to get your ice cream to go. Cold Stone is perfect for a quick, sweet treat.

Since this Cold Stone location is a stand, they only sell ice cream and custom ice creams. They do not offer other Cold Stone products like cakes, milkshakes, and sundaes. With no seating available, it’s best to grab your ice cream to go and enjoy it while you continue shopping or exploring the mall.

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Saape Lounge-TRM

Saape Lounge -TRM
Saape Lounge -TRM

Located at the end of the first floor, Saape Lounge is possibly the only conventional restaurant in TRM offering Kenyan and African dishes like stew, chapati, platters, ribs, breakfast combos, coffee, tea, fries, and some vegetarian options. However, as you might expect from any local restaurant serving local foods at a mall, some menu items are overpriced for the food quality you getting


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