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Your Guide & Review of Sarit Centre’s Century Cinemax IMAX Theatre

Just on the rooftop of Sarit Centre, this Century Cinema theatre offers an IMAX experience that, while smaller and somewhat different from its counterparts at Garden City and Two Rivers Malls, still brings a distinctive addition to the Nairobi cinematic landscape. Here’s a comprehensive review of what you can expect from your visit.

Getting There

Century Cinemax | Sarit Centre

Finding the theatre is easy. Head to the rooftop of Sarit Centre, and you’ll find the cinema at one end. Take the escalator up, and you’re there. It’s at the mall’s highest point, extending above the rooftop!

Tickets & Lounge


The lounge here is quite small, especially compared to the spacious one at Garden City. You can buy your tickets and snacks here, and there’s a little sitting area to wait for your movie to start. I recommend arriving early since it can get crowded.

If you want to skip the ads and jump into the movie, consider arriving about 10 minutes late, buying your tickets, and heading straight inside.

For this review, I watched “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.” Note that the theatre is cashless, so you must pay with M-PESA or a debit/credit card. A standard movie ticket here at Sarit is KSh 850 just like in any other Century Cinema theatre.

You pay and choose your preferred seat (if it’s still available). It’s best to select a seat in the middle of the theatre and at a reasonable distance from the screen for the best viewing experience. Sitting on the edge can cause discomfort, as I experienced since all the prime spots were already taken. To avoid this, it’s wise to purchase your tickets early.

Once you have your tickets, show them to the security attendant, and they’ll direct you to your theatre. There are multiple screens here, each showing different movies simultaneously.

Theatre First Impressions

Century Cinemax Sarit, Westlands

Being accustomed to the Garden City theatre, this one appears smaller, with a noticeably higher ceiling.

When you step into Century Cinema at Sarit Centre, the first thing that catches your eye is the striking aesthetic. The walls, decorated in grey, black, and red, offer a modern and welcoming vibe. Unlike Garden City, there are no night sky stars or accent wall lighting here; it’s much simpler.

The adherence to seat selection is a plus, unlike other theatres where seating is more chaotic. Just follow the alphabetically labeled rows and find your numbered seat for an orderly experience.

Seats Review

Sarit Theatre Seats

If you’re a germ freak consider bringing wet wipes, as the headrest beside my seat happened to appear sticky. The seats are decent but not the most comfortable.

The armrests are particularly hard and lack padding. In terms of comfort and support, Garden City has better seats. However, the seats at Sarit Centre have the advantage of being reclinable, unlike those at Garden City. Additionally, Sarit Centre offers better legroom.

IMAX Sarit Centre Screen

Sarit Theatre, Mad Max
Movie: FURIOSA a Mad Max Saga

The screen here is a decent size, but if you’re after the biggest screen, head to Century Cinemax at Two Rivers Mall. This theatre uses a single projector, unlike the dual projectors at Garden City. Surprisingly, the graphics here appear sharper and crisper than at Garden City, which is a big plus.

The screen is slightly smaller than at Garden City, so one projector is sufficient to fill it. It seems like a 1.9-multiplex screen, not as tall. Interestingly, some movies tend to look better on an IMAX single-laser projector.

Additionally, the single-laser IMAX is advantageous because dual-laser setups can’t play at 4K and maintain a high frame rate simultaneously.


The audio quality is decent but not as immersive as at Garden City, which features Dolby Atmos. You’ll still enjoy the movie, but it lacks that wow factor where you can feel the rumbles in your chest and all.

Personally, sound is a more crucial factor than the screen for my movie experience, and unfortunately, it’s a bit of a letdown here. I love the giant screen as much as the next person, but it’s the sound that convinces me to buy a ticket.

That said, the sound here isn’t bad—it’s better than a normal theater, just not the best. Dolby certified Cinemas are far superior in that department.

Overall Theatre Experience

Sarit Theatre

Century Cinemax at Sarit Centre is a decent standard theatre with a sharp screen that appeals to most moviegoers. However, if you’re looking for a larger screen, Two Rivers is the place to go. For the ultimate movie experience, Garden City strikes the best balance in terms of sound quality, seating comfort, and overall atmosphere.

It also gets cold here even with the theatre packed so make sure you dress warm.

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