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Your Guide to Kenya Airways Flight Destinations, and Ticket Pricing

Kenya Airways(KQ) is the national carrier of Kenya and its hub is at JKIA, Nairobi. This post is an overview of the destinations the airline flies to and the starting price for their tickets, with a bonus of booking tips at the end of the post.

Kenya Airways Direct Flights Routes

Kenya Airways Destination Airports
Kenya Airways Destinations

Direct flights always cost more money than flights with stopovers, they are worth it if the time saved is more important than the extra spend. Direct flights apply to those who travel for business or work and are willing to pay the premium to avoid connections.

But for leisure travel, time-saving may not be worth the extra money, that could be put to better use since time is not valuable in this scenario.

Kenya Airways currently has 38 direct flight routes with 30 destinations being in Africa, and only 8 being inter-continental. Kenya Airways doesn’t have any direct flights to South America and Australia continents.

It however has to North America, 3 to Europe, 1 to the Middle East, and 3 to Asia.

KQ direct intercontinental flights are to;

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • UAE
  • Thailand
  • China
  • India

Kenya Airways Fare Chart

This is just a guideline of the starting prices of KQ tickets to various destinations, it can be slightly higher or lower depending on the season and fuel prices; so just use these averages as a reference only.

Destination from NairobiFare in KSh
New York, US223,990
London, UK168,420
Paris, France207,315
Amsterdam, Netherlands204,985
Dubai, UAE88,315
Mumbai, India96,945
Bangkok, Thailand158,460
Guangzhou, China263,000
Mahè Island, Seychells134,830
Antananarivo, Madagascar139,810
Moroni, Comoros150,040
Cape Town, South Africa119,265
Johannesburg, South Africa115,585
Nampula, Mozambique221,735
Lilongwe, Malawi108,555
Ndola, Zambia188,960
Harare, Zimbabwe123,955
Lusaka, Zambia114,025
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe164,410
Livingstone, Zambia186,095
Kinshasa, DRC132,150
Kigali, Rwanda72,460
Bujumbura, Burundi109,880
Entebbe, Uganda83,335
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania72,140
Daessalam, Tanzania49,590
Zanzibar, Tanzania67,980
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia111,315
Juba, South Sudan182,600
Bangui, Central Africa Republic335,275
Douala, Cameroon245,820
Lagos, Nigeria187,120
Accra, Ghana182,565
Abidjan, Ivory Coast160,285
Free Town, Sierra Lione341,284
Dakar, Senegal175,780
Kenya Airways Direct Flights Destinations with Ticket Pricing

Factors Affecting Ticket Pricing

Yes, as much as distance affects ticket pricing, other factors affect it even more. See for instance a flight to New York costs less than a flight to Dzaoudzi an island in Eastern Africa’s Indian Ocean; Here are some of those factors:

Competition from Other Airlines

When multiple airlines operate on the same routes, there is a natural pressure to remain competitive. Airlines strive to attract passengers by offering competitive fares and promotions. Intense competition may lead to fare wars, where airlines reduce prices to gain a competitive edge.

On the other hand, in markets dominated by Kenya Airways or a few major players, ticket prices may be higher due to limited options for travelers.

Fuel Prices

Jet Fuel prices are a critical factor that significantly influences the operational costs of airlines. Fuel is one of the most substantial operating expenses for airlines, typically accounting for a significant percentage of their overall operational costs. Fluctuations in fuel prices can directly impact an airline’s ticket pricing; when fuel prices rise, airlines may pass some of the increased costs onto passengers in the form of higher ticket prices or fuel surcharges.


  • Certain times of the year, such as holidays, and vacation periods, are considered peak travel seasons.
  • During these times, there is a heightened demand for flights as people plan vacations or visit family and friends.
  • Airlines often respond to increased demand by raising ticket prices.
  • The law of supply and demand comes into play, with airlines capitalizing on the fact that more people are looking to travel during peak periods.
  • If your travel plans allow for flexibility, consider flying during off-peak seasons and times. Airlines may offer discounted fares for flights during weekdays, late nights, or early mornings.

Booking Time

Generally, booking your flight well in advance can provide you with lower prices. Airlines often release tickets for sale months before the departure date, and early birds can take advantage of lower fares, especially for popular routes or during peak travel seasons.

During peak travel seasons, demand is high and ticket prices tend to rise.

To secure the best rates during these periods, it’s advisable to book as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute might result in significantly higher prices due to increased demand.

While early booking is generally recommended, there are instances when Kenya Airways releases last-minute deals to fill unsold seats. However, relying on last-minute deals can be risky, as availability may be limited, and you might not find the exact flights or times you prefer.

In conclusion, prices are influenced by various factors such as seasonality, airline competition, fuel prices, distance and route, time of booking, and demand. By keeping these factors in mind, you can save money on your next flight booking. Remember to compare prices, and book in advance.


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