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Your ULTIMATE Guide to Garden City Mall, Nairobi

This post is all about Garden City Mall and what it offers from stores, services, entertainment, and how you can spend your entire day doing useful activities here.

Outside Garden City Mall Complex

Garden City Mall is a top spot to shop and have fun. There are lots of different stores where you can buy clothes, gadgets, and books. If you’re hungry, many restaurants are serving different kinds of food. You can also watch cool movies at the IMAX theater, play games, and sometimes see live shows.

They have important services too, like banks, pharmacies, hospitals, dental clinics, beauty salons, barber shops, and laundries.

Also, when you need a break, there are nice outdoor areas where you can relax and hang out with friends.

Garden City is not expensive as shopping, dining, or enjoying activities at the mall can vary. It offers a mix of affordable and high-end options, accommodating different budgets.

One of the standout features of Garden City from other malls is that the Garden City IMAX Cinema is a state-of-the-art theater offering an immersive movie experience with its large screens and superior sound quality.

The Mall is also not just a mall, but a community having; Garden City Business Park, and the Mi Vida Apartments all adjacent to the mall.

There is no swimming pool at the mall but there is one at the residential section for residents only.


Located along Thika Superhighway on your right from your way from Nairobi CBD, to get there you take Exit 7 off the superhighway.

Brief History

Actis, a UK-based investment firm, is the proud owner of Garden City Mall. It officially opened its doors in September 2015 and held the title of the largest mall until the unveiling of Two Rivers in 2017. However, the emergence of The BBS Mall in Eastleigh took over as the largest in 2023.

Covering an extensive area of approximately 33,500 square meters across three floors, it stands as Kenya’s third-largest mall as of 2023, boasting a collection of over 120 stores featuring both local and international brands. The mall embodies a versatile land-use approach, incorporating apartments and an office complex within what’s known as The Garden City Living concept. This encompasses retail, leisure, office, and residential components.

The overall project, inclusive of the mall, apartments, and business park sprawled across 13 hectares, required a substantial investment of more than $540 million (equivalent to KSh 84 billion).

The mall’s inception traces back to 2007 during the planning phase, with the site acquisition secured in 2011, culminating in its grand opening in September 2015.

Maximizing Your Visit

Spending your entire day at Garden City isn’t unheard of as it is massive and full of activities and things to do. This mall is very well-labelled and navigation is a breeze. Restaurants are all on the food court, fashion stores the same, banks and so on. There is proper signage so you can’t get lost in this mega store even for a first-timer.

The mall’s hours are 9:30 to 8:00 pm daily and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on holidays and Sundays. You can check all the mall’s stores here

  • Weekdays before lunch are the least crowded times
  • The store is most crowded on Sunday afternoons and holidays
  • The washrooms are on the ground floor
  • You will go through security twice; at the gate and the entrance of the mall complex
  • There are plenty of parking spaces even during peak hours
  • There is no dedicated general place to drop off your luggage unless you leave it at the Carrefour luggage deposit section
  • There is a very big relaxing outdoor space with a big kids play area
  • The mall while big, is not the most spacious. Alleyways are just not wide enough, mostly congested.
  • Almost all restaurants have an outdoor open space as an option to sit which is neat

Garden City Restaurants & Dining Options

If shopping makes you hungry, there’s no need to leave the premises, of course it is a mall. While it doesn’t have all the restaurant or fast food options, it has a good variety to choose from.

Burger King is not available because it is already available at the other nearest mall, TRM which is just 2.6 Km away. Same way TRM doesn’t have KFC since it is in Garden City.

While this is not a comprehensive list of restaurants in Garden City, here are the popular ones; Full restaurant list, location, and contacts here

1. Artcaffè

Artcaffe is a coffee and bakery establishment. While it is mainly a coffee shop focusing on pastries and coffee, it surprisingly has full menus from breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and wine options.

If you seek a delicious coffee treat or are in the mood for a pastry, you will find it at Artcaffe. Check out the Salted Caramel cake slice, it’s so good

2. Java House

Java House is like the direct alternative to Artcaffè, which specializes in coffee mostly, There are not many pastries and bakeries like Artcaffe but has a good variety, Java House also offers full menu options from breakfast to full lunch and dinner, among cold drinks and fast food.

3. Pizza Inn | Chicken Inn | Creamy Inn | Galitos

Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Galitos, and Chicken Inn are all managed by Simbisa Brands, so they are like one establishment with each specializing in something specific. It is all straightforward to tell from the name: Pizza Inn for pizza, Chicken Inn for fried chicken, Galitos for roasted chicken, and Creamy Inn for Ice cream, Sundaes, and Milkshakes.

These establishments are probably the cheapest fast food options within the Graden City food court, so if you are on a budget these are some of the best options.

Pizza Inn pizza is however not the greatest, you can get better pizza from Mambo Italia and Pizza Mojo.

Chicken Inn’s chicken is however surprisingly good, it is a good alternative to KFC for a different taste and cheaper

4. KFC

KFC Garden City
KFC Garden City

KFC is famous for its fried chicken, optioned either as spicy or spicy, they also have burgers, nuggets, ice cream, tortilla chips, twisters, chips, and drinks.

The budget starts at around KSh 500 for a meal here.

5. Koreana Chicken

Rating: 4.1 of 5.0

Koreana Chicken, Garden City
Koreana Chicken, Garden City

Koreana Chicken specializes in South Korean Chicken known as Chikin, it is essentially fried chicken that is double fried twice at different temperatures and has different flavors depending on the glaze sauce used to coat the chicken.

So unlike KFC, this is sticky fried chicken and you get a better value. For instance 3 pieces of chicken with chips and soda costs just KSh 500.

6. The Graceful Chinese Restaurant

Rating: 3.4 of 5.0

The Graceful Chinese Restaurant is the best option for Chinese cuisine in the mall. The sitting space is outside, it’s cozy and pretty, and the food options are okay.

They serve all kinds of delicious Chinese dishes, from dumplings to stir-fries. It’s the only spot in the mall where you can get Chinese food, making it a favorite hangout for foodies and anyone craving those flavors.

However, the reviews of this place are a mixed bag, but mostly brutal, so don’t have high expectations.

7. Mambo Italia

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Mambo Italia Graden City
Mambo Italia

Mambo Italia is not only the best Italian restaurant in Garden City, but probably the best in Nairobi at large. It boasts an impressive 4.4-star rating from almost 2,000 diners meaning it is really good. Everything is good from the food, all the way to service. I can personally vouch for Mambo Italia

This is also where you can get the best artisan-style pizza, the best pizza place according to a poll on Kenyans on Reddit

8. Pizza Mojo | Big Square

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

Big Square | Pizza Mojo Garden City
Big Square Pizza Mojo

Pizza Mojo and Big Square are literally the same brand but now merged into one, they are under the same roof just with separate counters. Big Square is good for burgers and ribs, also they have magnificent salads. Pizza Mojo specializes in just pizza, however, you can order from both restaurants under the same bill.

You have the option to sit on the inside or outside.

Big Square has a deal on cocktails, every day from 5 pm to 8 pm; 3 cocktails for the price of one. So watch the clock if you want to put yourself into those. They are decent and strong. Yes, zinashika

Garden City Activities (Things to do)

1. IMAX Century Cinemax

Century Cinemax at Garden City Mall IMAX stands out as one of the top branches in the chain. The seating is incredibly comfortable, with recline and cup holders while offering the flexibility to choose where you sit, and the theater itself is spacious, usually with many empty seats, the overall movie experience is just perfect. The screens are 17 x 9 meters in dimension.

Ticket prices are reasonable, hovering around KSh 800. While the sound quality could use some adjustment as it tends to be too loud or off-pitch at times, the audio is Dolby Atmos certified, for that spatial audio experience. Spatial audio is a technology where sound is emitted from the direction it is supposed to in real life; for instance from the top of the theatre when a helicopter passes over in the movie.

Moviegoers can opt for either 2D or 3D screenings, with an immersive experience when paired with IMAX 3D glasses available for KSh 300. The waiting area is decent but typical of most cinemas, snacks come at inflated prices, possibly surpassing the ticket cost.

Nevertheless, this remains my go-to theater as they boast at least three screens, allowing for simultaneous showings of multiple films. Most movies are screened at least three times daily across different screens, catering to diverse preferences.

Read More: Century Cinemax IMAX in Garden City, Guide & Review

Garden City Major Shops & Retailers


They have all the cool gadgets and gizmos—phones, TVs, and consumer electronics. This is the place to get flagship Galaxy series products all backed by warranty and after-sales.


If you want a phone that is just basic and functional, The TECNO store has that cover for you, they specialize in feature-packed but budget phones here. The good thing about TECNO is the after-sales services and warranties that are nicely done.


Hotpoint is the biggest appliance chain store in Kenya, they offer a variety of premium brands such as Samsung, LG, Von, Bosch, Ariston, Black & Decker, and so on. This is the place if you are out appliance shopping. Need anything for the kitchen? Hotpoint’s the spot. From fridges to stoves, they’ve got everything.

Text Book Centre

Books, stationery, and academic school stuff galore. It’s a heaven for bookworms and students, basically a treasure trove of knowledge.

Yes, you can buy books on the street for cheap, but they have new options here if you love that new book smell, and you are assured the book is a genuine copy that benefits the author.

Any obscure stationery item that you aren’t sure where to find, trust me it is at TBC.

They also sell office supplies and electronics like printers, ink bottles, cartridges, laptops, calculators, and such things.


TACC stands as the top destination for home interiors and sanitaryware. They offer an extensive array of products, spanning from homewares, and bed and bath linens to decorative accessories, tiles, carpets, and fabrics, catering to diverse styles and budgets. Their unique style solutions aim to assist in crafting the interior you’ve always envisioned.

Victoria Courts

High-end furniture and home décor are central. If your place needs a makeover or just a little sprucing up, they’ve got the stylish goods. You gonna need a big budget for this.

Vivo Fashion

Not the smartphone brand but clothes and accessories that keep you on trend without emptying your pockets. Perfect for finding that killer outfit. Vivo offers trendy apparel options for both men and women as well as accessories.


Fashion-forward stuff for those who like to strut their style. It’s all about looking good and feeling confident.


Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! From comfy kicks to fancy pairs, they’ve got footwear for every occasion.


MRP Logo

Mr Price Affordable fashion for everyone in the family. From clothes to home bits, they’ve got budget-friendly coolness.


Miniso Logo

This place is like a treasure hunt for fun, quirky stuff—everything from cute gadgets to adorable home decor.


Woolworths Logo

Fancy clothes, and quality bits for your home. Think of it as your upscale go-to for everyday stuff, if you’re “too cool” to shop from Gikomba then here is the place, the average price per piece of shirt or trousers is estimated between KSh 2,000. It’s expensive but they are good quality

Panda Mart

Panda Mart Logo

Panda Mart is essentially the entire Kamukunji, but all organized under one roof and even for cheaper, almost everything was a bargain at the time of launch.

Panda Mart is, without doubt, the biggest store/shop in Garden City, you will find everything from utensils, decor, home organization, party supplies, bags and suitcases, mattresses and beddings, appliances, hardware supplies….and this is just scratching the surface. Explore more products in Panda Mart here: Panda Mart Garden City: Items to Buy

Healthy U

All things healthy living, from supplements to organic munchies. Your spot for keeping that wellness game strong


Auto Xpress

Offers comprehensive car maintenance services, from tire changes to vehicle servicing, ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition.


Various financial services, including banking transactions, account management, and assistance with financial products. Banks and ATMs in Garden City include;

  • NCBA
  • KCB
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Co-op Bank ATM
  • Equity Bank
  • Junction Forex Bureau

ATMs are open all through but banks close at 4 pm.

Safaricom Shop

Specializes in mobile technology, offering phones, accessories, and assistance with telecommunication services and subscriptions.


Provides medical care for minor illnesses or injuries, offering consultations and treatments for common health concerns.


Offers dental care services, including check-ups, cleanings, and treatments for oral health issues.

Bonfire Adventures

A travel agency that helps plan and organize trips, tours, and adventure experiences for individuals or groups.

Dry Cleaners

Professional dry cleaning services for clothing items, ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance.

Barber Shops

Men’s grooming services, offering haircuts, beard trims, and grooming treatments.

Hair Salons

Provides hairstyling services for both men and women, including cutting, coloring, styling, and hair treatments.

Baby Shops

A range of products catering to infants and toddlers, including clothing, accessories, toys, and essential baby care items.

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