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Your Ultimate Guide to Sarit Centre in Westlands

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This post is an overview of all you need to know if you are visiting Sarit Centre for the first time, all the basic information, store options, restaurants, and even activities to do, it is all covered in this post to help you maximize your visit.

While the mall’s operational hours range from 5 am to 11:30 pm, it’s worth noting that by 10 pm, the majority of stores have already closed, with some shutting down even earlier, except for possibly the cinemas which may operate later. Given that many malls typically open at 7 am, Sarit’s early opening time is indeed a welcome.

Should Visit Sarit Centre?

The Pros

Sarit Centre, established over 40 years ago, holds the distinction of being Kenya’s oldest mall since its inception in 1983. Particularly cherished by many, especially those who grew up in the Westlands area, it evokes a sense of nostalgia among its shoppers.

Despite its age, Sarit Centre maintains its allure through diligent upkeep and periodic renovations. In fact, compared to some newer malls, it remains impressively well-maintained.

Conveniently situated within Westlands’ city center, it boasts comprehensive offerings, making it a one-stop destination for various errands and activities, rivaled only by Two Rivers. Anything you want they probably have it.

Sarit Centre boasts distinctive features not commonly found in other malls. For instance, it houses an IMAX theatre by Century Cinemax, a rarity with only three such theatres in Nairobi, one of which is located within Sarit Centre. Moreover, it hosts a variety of restaurants and cafes beyond the typical Java and Artcaffe options, including noteworthy spots like Barista & Co.

Adding to its uniqueness, Sarit Centre is home to a bowling alley, Pins Entertainment, exclusive to just a few malls in Nairobi, numbering no more than three.

Moreover, Sarit Centre offers a functional rooftop space that transcends the typical usage for car parking. This area features greenery and provides a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for leisurely activities such as enjoying ice cream or simply unwinding.

The Cons

Even with relatively few people around, Sarit Centre can feel cramped due to narrow corridors and low ceilings. When the mall is busy, this sense of confinement can become overwhelming, heightened by the high foot traffic, which contributes to the jumble.

Despite having multiple exits and entrances, Sarit Centre is notoriously difficult to navigate. Visitors often find themselves circling repeatedly before locating their intended destination. While there are signs present, they are not particularly helpful, primarily identifying major stores with only a few exceptions.

Although there is a navigation panel available to assist visitors, not everyone finds it convenient to interact with a digital tablet for directions.

Sarit Centre’s Directory Panel

While security measures are generally adequate, they may not feel sufficient for all visitors. Unlike most malls that have at least two security checkpoints, Sarit Centre only has one checkpoint at the entrance of the mall complex.

Bag checks are manually conducted, without the additional security of a gate checkpoint or an X-ray scanner for personal belongings, as seen in malls like Two Rivers or Village Market.

Getting to Sarit

If you’re driving to Sarit Centre, simply set it as a destination on your car navigation system. You can access the mall via Karuna Road, Parklands Road, or Lower Kabete Road.

Despite the mall’s busy nature, parking is generally sufficient, with plenty of spaces available even during peak hours.

Sarit Centre Car Park

If you’re using public transportation from the CBD, take any bus heading to the Westlands route. Board the bus at Tom Mboya Street near the Archives.

You’ll be dropped off at the intersection near One Africa Place, right across from Westlands Square, another mall in Westlands. From there, you can walk to Sarit Centre in under 10 minutes or take a boda boda to arrive in about 3 minutes.

Activities: Things to Do

While there are a series of activities to do in Sarit, the movie theatre and the bowling alley are the most iconic ones

Movie at Century Cinemax

Enjoy the latest blockbusters and immersive cinematic experiences at the Century Cinemax IMAX theatre. With state-of-the-art technology and superior sound quality, it’s a perfect spot for movie enthusiasts. If you are serious about movies then you know why the theatre experience is worth it, the immersion just makes you feel like part of the action

Read the Full Review of Sarit Centre Theatre here: Your Guide & Review of Sarit Centre’s Century Cinemax IMAX Theatre

Bowling at Pins Entertainment

Here you get to challenge your friends or family to a fun game of bowling at Pins Entertainment. It’s one of the few bowling alleys in Nairobi, providing a unique and enjoyable activity for all ages. However, be aware that it can be difficult to get in during peak hours due to its popularity.

Sarit Centre Restaurants

Sarit Centre not only has numerous restaurants in its food court but also has decent ones. Having over 16 restaurants in a mall is impressive. The selection is extensive and diverse, offering a variety of major cuisines, including Swahili, Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese. There are not many fast food outlets; instead, you’ll find mainly classic restaurants, which I prefer.

Here is a list of coffee shops and restaurants available at Sarit Centre:

  1. Daily Cafe & Bistro
  2. Chicago Pizza
  3. Sugo Restaurant
  4. News Cafe
  5. La Piazzetta-(Italian)
  6. The Hatchbox
  7. Swahili Plate
  8. ChiQ Japanese
  9. Laughing Buddha
  10. Sierra Wines & Tapas
  11. Fonda’s Taqueria (Mexican)
  12. Falafel House
  13. The Library Restaurant
  14. Let’s Eat Indian
  15. Asiatic Bar & Restaurant
  16. Java House
  17. Barista & Co
  18. Boba Caffe

Major Stores & Shops

There are hundreds of stores here so check them on the mall map at Sarit’s Website

  1. Woolworths
  2. Levi’s
  3. Manix
  4. Vivo Woman
  5. LINTONS Beauty
  6. Monty’s Kenya
  7. Ashley Furniture
  8. Miniso
  9. Hotpoint Appliances
  10. MRP Home
  11. Carrefour
  12. Samsung
  13. Bose East Africa
  14. Anisuma Traders
  15. City Walk
  16. Elite Digital Solutions
  17. Healthy U
  18. Xiaomi Mi Store
  19. Kenya Airways
  20. Text Book Centre
  21. Bata
  22. DHL
  23. Max

Banks and ATMs

  1. KCB
  2. Bank of Baroda
  3. Prime Bank
  4. Union Forex Beareu
  5. I&M
  6. Absa
  7. Equity
  8. Cooperative Bank

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