You are currently viewing Your Ultimate Guide to Two Rivers Mall and Outlets(2024)

Your Ultimate Guide to Two Rivers Mall and Outlets(2024)

This is the only guide you need if you wanna visit Two Rivers Mall for the first time, features useful information, navigation, shopping options, activities, and any other mall errands you planning to run.

Two Rivers was the talk of the town back in the day when it was under development till launch,(Feb 2017), and it cursed us with terrible memes like these;

Kenyan Memes
Kenyan Memes


Two Rivers Limuru Road Gate

Two Rivers Mall is so big that it lies between two major highways, Nothern Bypass on the North and Limuru Rd on the South, you can access the mall from either side as there are gates on each front. It serves the neighborhoods of Runda, Ruaka, and Gigiri.

Getting to Two Rivers via public transportation, you will likely be dropped on the South end, (Limuru Rd), if you use ride-sharing apps or drive your own car then it will be either of the gates depending on where you came from.

The management is so strict about Ubers and Bolts so depending on the driver, you may be dropped outside the mall and you will have to walk to your desired section.

On the North is where the Ferris Wheel and the theme park goodness are, on the Southern end of the gate there is nothing really going on, just parking and footpaths in the middle is where the mall complex is located.

Being this big, the mall is not landscaped, so it is hilly going towards the North and slopes down in vice versa, this means you walk alot. It is literally over 500 meters from the North Gate to the South.


Security here is tighter than on your average malls, you go through the metal detectors as standard, and your baggage and belongings go through x-ray scanners. This is a step up from other malls where the security guys manually inspect your bags, for this reason, you will feel more secure in Two Rivers compared to other malls say, Garden City.

The security points are at each gate and upon entrance of the mall complex, so yeah two security points which is standard just like every other mall.


Two Rivers Parking

At Two Rivers, you get spoilt with options for car parking, there are at least 7 different places to park your car depending on which section of the mall you are going so you don’t walk alot across this vast mall.

The different parking spots total over 1,800 lots; the different parking locations include,

  • Outdoor Car Park (A1)
  • Shaded Rooftop( R)
  • Outdoor Car Park (A3)
  • Outdoor Car Park (A2)
  • Basement 1 Upper Level (B1)
  • Basement 2 Entry Level (B2)

Two Rivers has a system of showing available free lots for every location so that you can park at your most convenient place, parking is organized here not just randomly by security guards like in other malls.

Parking is KSh 50 up to 2 hours, KSh 100 up to 3 hours, KSh 150 up to 5 hours, and KSh 200 up to 6 hours. Beyond 6 hours it will be KSh 200+100 for any extra hours. A 12-hour packing for instance will be KSh 800.

To pay for parking at Two Rivers, dial *270#>>Pay for Parking>>Enter Ticket ID or License Plate Number >>and now proceed.

Parking is free every day from 5 pm to 9 pm

Mall Complex Layout

Two Rivers Mall Building
Two Rivers Mall from Nothern Bypass

The mall complex spans almost the entire 500 meters between the two ends, the entries and exits are however narrow for the building size, so it is really difficult for first-timers to get around, you can access the mall via the underground car parks or dedicated pedestrian entryways where you will go through security again.

Two Rivers has 3 floors in the basement with over 9 total floors, it boasts the highest occupancy of leased area among Kenya’s malls, far more impressive than the new BBS Mall in Eastleigh; With a vast gross lettable area of around 56,832 square meters, it accommodates over 200 retail outlets, presenting a blend of international and domestic brands.

Two Rivers Mall Night
Two Rivers Mall Mall Complex Retail Space Section | Nightshot

At the opposite ends of the complex are offices while the retail space is everything between, accessing different floors is done via escalators, stairs, and lifts conveniently located at any point, so you really do not have to walk all the way across to find your way up or down.

Retail Shopping

The biggest outlets are Carrefour Hypermart and LC Waikiki a fashion wear brand, both of these outlets have their biggest stores in Kenya at Two Rivers.

Infact Two Rivers is so big and was the first mall to house two brands of supermarket; Carrefour and Chandarana Foodplus, however due to stiff competition from Carrefour’s low pricing (probably), Chandarana Foodplus exited the mall in December 2019 just two years later.

Other store options are over 160 just in the retail section.

1. Groceries

Carrefour is the only place for groceries, makes sense since it is the biggest supermarket in Kenya, actually, that is being humble, it is a hypermart. It is 7,200 sq meters (out of 65,000 sq meters of the entire mall’s retail space) with over 200 operational staff.

So everything you will need will be here, Carrefour is also the cheapest supermarket in Kenya so you know you are getting the best deals out there.

2. Pet Care

  • SuPaw Star Pets
  • Aqua Pet

SuPaw Star Pets is where to get accessories for your pets including squishy toys, collars, blankets, leashes, and training products. They also sell cat, parrot, and dog foods, and treats as well. Literally, everything you will need for your pet.

Aquapet on the other hand caters to a bigger variety of pet supplies, not limited to the three but including; fish, hamsters, tortoise,s and turtles, I want a pet turtle so bad

3. Beauty & Personal Care

  • Lintons Beauty
  • Nouba Makeup Pro
  • Fragrance Lounge
  • Stuckey Fragrance
  • Feel Nzuri
  • Premier by the Dead Sea
  • Opulent
  • Morenmor
  • Sensations Luggage
  • Ashleys Coiffure & Spa

4. Accessories

  • Anmol Jewellers
  • Swarovski (Jewerely)
  • Taj Gem and Jewels
  • The Watch Hutt
  • Ximi Vogue
  • Accessorize With Style

5. Footwear

  • Bata
  • Nike
  • FLO
FLO Two Rivers

6. Fashion

a). General Fashion

  • Nike (Official Store)
  • LC Waikiki
  • Revive Fashion
  • Infini Fashion
  • Levi’s
  • Giordano
  • Smart Baby (Kids Fashion)

b). Mens Fashion

  • Dr Jay’s Clothing Store
  • Italian Designer Wear (Mens Fashion)
  • Lusso: (Men’s Fashion)
  • MANIX (Mens Fashion)
  • Pierre Cardin(Mens Fashion)

c). Women’s Fashion

  • My Curves
  • Kipusa Clozet (Womens Fashion)
  • Basic Intimates
  • Vivo
  • Shenu Fashions
  • Eugen Klein(Womens’ Fashion)
  • Ricco Bello(Womens’ Fashion)
  • LCW Dream (Women’s Fashion)

7. Electronics & Computers

  • Samsung
  • The Gadget Shop
  • iPlace City
  • Anisuma Traders
  • Yucca Sounds

8. Home & Lifestyle

  • Ashley Furniture & Homestore
  • Miniso
  • Orca Deco
  • Radiance Lights & Lamps
  • MRP Home
  • Amanbo
  • Vitafoam
  • Jumbofoam
  • Swift Tailors
  • Victoria Carpets
  • Lockwood Africa: (Mahogany Furniture)
  • Awli Kouture
  • Parisland FURNITURE
  • Homecare Limited



  • Safaricom Shop
  • Telkom Shop

Banking & Finance

  • KCB
  • Cooperative
  • NCBA
  • Absa
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Sidian Bank
  • Raychem Agencies (Financial Consultants)

Speciality Services

  • ToyZoona(Toys)
  • Text Book Centre
  • Signal Photo Mounts & Frames
  • Metz Photolab
  • Flower Bliss
  • Garden Space
  • BRB Travel Style
  • Going Outdoor
  • Decathlon
  • Windsor Dry Cleaners
  • Extreme clean( Car Wash)
  • Mucho Gusto Deluxe (Shoe Repair)

Health & Wellness

  • Aga Khan Hospital
  • Portal Pharmacy
  • Centurion Pharmacy
  • Healthy U
  • Optica
  • Cambridge Opticians
  • Jaff’s Optical House
  • Horton Dental Clinic
  • Hot Yoga Studio

Food Options

On the outside edge of each floor are restaurants and fast food, so yeah there is no dedicated food court on one floor like other malls, food is literally on every floor on the outside edge which is a unique twist. With over 20 restaurant options

Pizza Inn Two Rivers


  • Aldar Lebanese Restaurant
  • Teriyaki Japan
  • Istanbul Palace(Turkish)
  • Sabor a’ Mexico
  • Mister Wok (Chinese)

Fast Food

  • Burger King
  • Creamy Inn
  • Pizza Inn
  • Chicken Inn
  • Galitos
  • Urban Burger


  • Tomoca Coffee
  • Java House
  • Artcaffe

Snacks & Desserts

  • Coldstone Creamery
  • Boba Cafeteria
  • Milyas Popcorn


  • Spur Steak Ranch
  • Cloud Moka
  • Amigos Piri Piri
  • Tazeh Restaurant(Halal)
  • Cinnamon Cafe

Two Rivers Activities & Entertainment

Century Cinemax IMAX

Century Cinemax is the best movie experience you can have in Kenya, while there are other cinemas, Century Cinemax is the only one certified for IMAX East Africa, sure you can watch the movie back at home in your laptop or TV, but at the theatre is where you get that immersive experience.

While Century Cinemax Two Rivers has the biggest screen, the Garden City mall IMAX is better for immersion and general experience.

Ferris Wheel

If you love the panoramic views of Nairobi what better place than the Ferris Wheel at Two Rivers dubbed as the ” Eye of Africa”? It is also an iconic landmark as it towers heights of up to 60 meters which is as high as a 10 storey bulding. It spans 55 in diameter, and has a capacity of 240 occupants per trip.The rides start from noon upto 9pm, most prople prefer the night and dusk rides because it is bright with all the LEDs and colors.

Ferris Wheels are typically slow, you may not like them if you have heights fears, sure they are not thrilling and adrenaline packed as roller coasters and bungee jumps, they are more about relaxing while taking in the scenery, and you get better views from your capsule than you would from the top of the tallest building.


Two Rivers Flume Ride(Foreground)

Flume Ride is a water based canal that involves riding a boat like structure from a height and splashing into the canal. Other activities at Funscapes include, merry go round and drop towers.

Go Karting

Go Karting in a circuit will make you feel like a Formula 1 driver from wish, its not just a kids thing, it is just an adrenaline fueled experince of braking as you navigate the turns and also flooring it to make the best lap times.

Live Band

Live Band | Two Rivers

As the sun sets and the stars come out to play, immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of live music at Two Rivers. Featuring a lineup of talented musicians and bands from diverse genres, if social anxiety is scared of you you can join and dance along

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